Human brain remembers faces in relation to identity. Having no face and physicality helps me define myself with concepts rather than a face and a body. 

-Pak (via FITC)

Redefining The Value of Art

Pak is one of the foremost rare digital artists in the crypto art space: Pak’s minimalist style has become an unavoidable force within the digital community by creating highly coveted, sometimes controversial artworks, that push boundaries and challenge viewers to reflect on what they value when it comes to art.

Describing Pak as solely a digital artist would only be telling part of the story. A creator in every sense of the word, Pak’s projects extend across styles, mediums, and audiences. Pak is an award-winning designer, developer and digital wizard with an impressive list of accolades. Intentionally anonymous, Pak has managed to successfully inspire and impact the crypto art community and beyond without ever revealing the details of their physical identity.

Most of Pak’s creations and projects explore human reaction and elements of psychology — be it a test of or testament to our innate tendencies. Pak’s artwork generally uses minimalism and stark geometry as tools to subtly relay the complexities of varying ideologies and theories.

For example, single pixel creations such as Alpha and Red, which take minimalism to a new height while simultaneously highlighting the lucrative possibilities of the rare digital art market (Alpha sold for 55.555 ETH, or approximately $20,122, and Red sold for over 29 ETH or approximately $7,154), have sparked polarizing debates around what constitutes art. Love it or hate it, Pak’s work will make you think. And that is exactly Pak’s intention.

The Inspiration Algorithm

Pak’s digital reign and artistic influence can be felt across contexts and channels: Pak dominates the design world, as founder and lead designer of the internationally acclaimed Undream design studio.

Pak has also indelibly marked the communities and individuals across social media, through the creation of the automated influencer and content curator Archillect — An AI “created to discover and share stimulating visual content over social media channels. She is a living inspiration archive. She is a digital muse.”

Archillect can undoubtedly consider herself a social influencer at this point with 2.1 million followers on Twitter. Another project with human psychology at its core, Archillect as a whole provides a glimpse inside our current culture and the types of stimulus that garner social reactions.

Despite the strong influence Pak has had on digital design and social spaces, Pak’s artwork occupies a completely separate realm and their artistic presence remains an independent, mysterious entity. Stylistic similarities and intentions can be noted across projects, but differs in the sense that the artwork created within this realm is not bound by any social or professional restraints.

Simplicity That Packs a Punch

I’ve realized that I can tell more by using less, in a controlled way. 

-Pak (via FITC)

Anyone that follows Pak on Twitter knows messages are kept short, sweet and to the point. Artwork, although often varying in subject matter, presentation and purpose, follows the same principles.

Simplicity that packs a punch is one way to describe it, with stylistic minimalism and a strong interplay between positive and negative spaces usually acting as defining traits. Vast landscapes with distinct focal points tell mysterious stories open to various interpretations. Often consisting of sharp geometric shapes enveloped in soft abstractions, Pak’s artwork is also rich with dichotomy and inverse juxtaposition. Balance is a central component of Pak’s work and acts as a narrative force, supplying each work with story and structure.


From one of Pak’s earliest collections comes Terminus, a collection consisting of five original artworks that shines a light on the complex nature of stark simplicity using contrasting forms, textures and bold monochromatism. Over 5 years since its inception, this series will finally be released, exclusively on MakersPlace.

Clearly defined geometric forms serve as anchors and focal points, creating dynamic relationships with plush surroundings through the interplay of shadow, light, line and positive/negative space. Each piece is centered around a different geometric form, with each form determining the relationship and characteristics of the environment. These pieces are a testament to the complexities of relationships by looking at objects and their effects on the environment around them.

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