We’re excited to unveil new original artworks by A.L. Crego and Heidy Teixeira, as well an extra special release from Pak’s vault, which after five years will finally tokenized on blockchain. All works are exclusively created and offered through MakersPlace.

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Pak is one of the foremost rare digital artists in the crypto art space: Pak’s. minimalist style has become an unavoidable force within the digital community, making highly coveted and sometimes controversial artworks, pushing the boundaries and challenging viewers to reflect on what they value when it comes to art.

Describing Pak as solely a digital artist would only be telling part of the story. A creator in every sense of the word, Pak’s projects extend across styles, mediums, and audiences– An award-winning designer, developer and digital wizard with an impressive list of accolades.

Most of Pak’s creations and projects explore human reaction and elements of psychology — be it a test/experiment or testament to our innate tendencies. Often consisting of sharp geometric shapes enveloped in soft abstractions, Pak’s artwork is also rich with dichotomy and inverse juxtaposition.

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From one of Pak’s earliest collections comes Terminus, a collection consisting of five original artworks that shines a light on the complex nature of stark simplicity using contrasting forms, textures and bold monochromatism. Over 5 years since its inception, this series will finally be released, exclusively on MakersPlace.

A.L. Crego

A. L. Crego is a digital artist based in Spain known for combining the aesthetic and culture of street art with the emotion and presentation of internet art. Digital art and the culture associated with it has been a part of his life for as long as he can remember.

A. L. Crego’s art has undoubtedly made its mark worldwide across both mainstream and sub-cultures. Some of his major projects include commissioned work for companies such as Vice, Nissan, Espolon, Perrier, as well as designing visual loops for world-renowned EDM producer, DJ Snake in Miami.

As Crego puts it, his style is “not having a style”. Rather, he’s intent on changing perspectives through the presentation of new narratives and ways to consume art and culture. His work is full of intersections in both process and purpose: For example, the use of analogical resources to feed his digital art, combines the best of both worlds in terms of mediums, while his juxtaposition of subjects like such as nature and technology, emphasizes the complex relationship between supposedly opposite forces.

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Zoom Out

A. L. Crego’s latest series, Zoom Out, seeks to provide viewers with a bigger picture and broader perspective through four artworks which probe at age-old relationships between elements, landscapes and species. 

DinizBR ArtWorks

DinizBR ArtWorks, also known as Heidy Teixeira, is a Brazilian digital artist and photographer who specializes in immersive digital storytelling. His artwork ranges from intricately designed VR journeys to empowering, ethereal portraits remixed from his own original photography.

Coming from a long line of talented photographers, DinizBR began learning the ins and outs of the medium from his father at an early age, yet fell in love with the possibilities of digital creation after a friend introduced him to encrypted art. Since then, DinizBR has fully embraced the medium taking full advantage of the universe of textures and colors only in available in digital palettes. 

Life Out of Body

Prepare to step out of your body and into your mind with DinizBR’s newest releases. Two deeply layered stories and all-encompassing cinematic experiences, DinizBR utilizes AR and VR to transport viewers into two worlds, both eerily hypnotizing.

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