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Welcome to the August 2020 edition of the MakersPlace Newsletter, where we feature the latest updates from the artists, collectors and the company. This month we’re excited to share updates on exciting past drops, notable artists and collectors, our newest feature rollouts, and our upcoming events.

Drops 🔥

Each week we feature original, never-before-seen artworks by popular digital artists on MakersPlace. These Drops serve as a great way for collectors to discover new artists each week, as well as an opportunity for artists to gain exposure across our community and of course, sell their artworks. We are pleased to report that our drop program continues to be a success for participating artists.

Here are the notable drops from this past month:

1. Breakthrough — The Bull by Jon Noorlander

Purchased by Rvdg for 7.7 ETH (~$3,030)

2. Seagull Skeleton by Skeenee

Purchased by moderats for 5.5ETH (~$1,997)

3. Dragonfish by Reinhard Schmid

Purchased by Whaleshark 5 ETH (~$1,911)

You can check out all of our previous drops here.

Artist Spotlight — Jon Noorlander

This month we’re highlighting Jon Noorlander, a Swedish 3D digital artist based in New York City. 

Noorlander has spent over two decades creating immersive digital experiences for big-name brands across the world. Some notable projects include DoClasse — Thermal Coat 2019, Essie, Adobe Remix, the Apple iPhone X reveal, Apple Watch, Budlight, the ATT/Direct TV NFL commercial, Ford. He’s also responsible for openers and ads for Deadpool 2 and 300 — Rise of an Empire, as well as Major Lazer’s Light it Up Remix (which has reached over 400 million views on Youtube).Alongside his career success, Noorlander’s personal creative projects have developed a massive social media following on both TikTok and Instagram, with one of his TikTok videos, Banana, receiving over 35 million views.

Noorlander specializes in expressive 3D motion artwork. His style is bold, modern and extremely mesmerizing. This month he released his first ever blockchain-themed artwork in his Breakthrough series, a testament to blockchain’s social, cultural and financial impact. Not surprisingly, these iconic artworks were bought up quickly. 

Learn the full story behind Jon Noorlander’s artist journey and latest releases here. Noorlander has also just released a new 3D original creation, Spin, (pictured below) which is currently accepting bids.

Preview of Spin by Jon Noorlander
Breakthrough — The Bull

A powerful bull symbolizes the strength of today’s current financial market as well as the ultimate feeling of hype in crypto market. This work sold to Rvdg Purchased for 7.7 ETH (~$3,030)

Breakthrough — Atlas

This artwork is meant to symbolize the global impact of blockchain/crypto. All 5 editions sold to moderats, You Vuo, justin, DannieB and kraze for 1 ETH each (~$418).

Breakthrough — Buddha

Coins pouring out of Buddha symbolize the disruptive nature of blockchain, compared to current states of calm and comfort. This 1/1 artwork sold to BitBuzz for 2.1 ETH (~$801)

Collector Spotlight

This month we’d like to spotlight and officially welcome some of our newest and most active collectors:

  • SnowCrash, whose current collection is filled with bots, borgs, babes and psychedelic abstractions. Much of SnowCrash’s collection possesses a strong element of futuristic surrealism
  • RobertHouse, is a collector and creator. His collection is filled with a number of highly stylized works ranging from digital impressionism to 3D futurism and everything in between. His personal creations consist of highly technical and rigorous equation based modeling and design, resulting in complex, visually enchanting forms. 

“We are all creative and are blessed when we can appreciate creativity. Art in all forms on the blockchain brings value to the artist and collector. The digital art I purchase captures my need to appreciate that creativity and speaks to me. I look for art that tells a story visually and am taken by the artist background about the piece. I believe #NFT art is revolutionary and is valuable now and forever. Be creative!”

 — RobertHouse

  • Winifred, whose current collection is filled with bold, contemporary, and colorful artworks which often make a cultural statement, be it a testament to mainstream pop culture or internet subcultures. 
  • Ngkk, whose current collection is filled with works that vary in style and subject matter, from comic art and illustration to mesmerizing, attention-grabbing animations. 

You can find all of our active collectors and their collections in our Activity Feed, which is updated weekly.

SnowCrash, RobertHouse, Winifred, and Ngkk

The collections of all of this month’s featured collectors are truly exceptional and unique. Each speaks to the individual collector’s style preferences and we highly recommend taking a look at each.

If you’re looking for inspiration from these collectors, here are some of the artists that they’ve recently been collecting from: Yura Miron, Frenetik Void, Gala Mirissa, Daniel Ignacio, Javier Arrés, Mikko Lyytinen, mel duARTE, Kitty Bast, CultBitz, José Delbo, PRIMAL CYPHER and Greg Notzelman

Static Previews of Metastable State by Yura Miron, Future Sight — 2020 by Frenetik Void and / STORMY / by Gala Mirissa
Static Previews of When Chaos Answers by Daniel Ignacio, The Future Self-Sufficient Happy Town & Leisure Center by Javier Arrés and Underpressure by Mikko Lyytinen
Static Previews of The Panther by mel duARTE, Full of Emptyness — 2019 by Frenetik Void, and Secret by Kitty BastCultBitz
Static Previews of A Hero’s Purpose by José Delbo x PRIMAL CYPHER, Let’s See by Werner Hornung, Autumn Reflections by Greg Notzelman

New Features

We are constantly trying to improve and make our site easier to use for both artists and collectors. This month, we are excited to unveil the new personalized Home Feed, and our updated gas management system. 

Personalized Home Feed

Earlier this year we introduced the Activity Feed, a place to view what other members of the community are purchasing, liking, and commenting on. As we’ve grown the number of artists and collectors, the Activity Feed has become less relevant. Although the Activity Feed continues to serve as a great way to discover what’s happening across the entire community, we wanted to provide a better way to discover the same activity in a more relevant manner.

Now when you go while logged into your account, you will see a personalized Activity Feed that includes all the purchases, bids, likes, and new artworks, from all the people that you’re following. If you are in the mood for exploring, you can still discover new artworks and artists in our discover feed. For more details, check out our blog post

We hope you all enjoy the new home feed and are looking forward to hearing community feedback. 

Updated Gas Management

After many conversations and receiving feedback from the community, we’re excited to introduce a number of new features to help increase autonomy for artists, while managing gas fees in a manner that is sustainable and avoids delays.

  1. A free option for when the blockchain isn’t busy.
  2. The ability to pay to speed up transactions when the blockchain is busy.
  3. An option to defer gas fees until an artwork is sold. (Currently being developed.)

 We want to say thank you for everyone’s patience and feedback during this time and we hope this new gas management approach will help efficacy and improve experiences for all. Please feel free to reach out to us on Discord or Twitter to share feedback. For full details, please check out our recent blog post.

Upcoming Events

MakersPlace x WIP

We are excited to announce that we will be taking part and hosting in the WIP meet-up in Cryptovoxels on September 17th. The WIP is a weekly meet-up hosted by crypto-community leaders Matthew and Rizzle, where artists and crypto-centric companies share updates and ideas. We are honored to be a part of this event which will be hosted at our Cryptovoxels gallery and include a number of exciting talks, digital DJ set and a fun wearables competition. Stay tuned for more details. 

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