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Today we’re excited to share a big update to help you better discover and collect rare digital art on MakersPlace. Earlier this year we introduced the Activity Feed, a place to view what other members of the community are purchasing, liking, and commenting on. As we’ve grown the number of artists and collectors, the Activity Feed has become less relevant. Although the Activity Feed continues to serve as a great way to discover what’s happening across the entire community, we wanted to provide a better way to discover the same activity in a more relevant manner.

Your Personalized “Home Feed”

Starting today, if you go to when logged into your account, you will now see a personalized Activity Feed that includes all the purchases, bids, likes, and new artworks, from all the people that you’re following. In the past your homepage included artworks from those you’ve followed, but we’ve now supercharged it!

Self Curation by Following

With hundreds of artists and thousands of artworks to discover from, curation becomes a hard challenge to get right for everybody. With your new Home Feed and by following users, you’re now equipped to be your own curator.

If you like what an artist is creating, or what a collector is collecting, follow them. If you don’t like what you see, simply unfollow them and your Home Feed will update automatically. Simple!

Our team has been having a blast following and scrolling through our new and improved Home Feeds over the past week, we hope you enjoy it as well! In the future, we’ll also be adding even more relevant activities, recommendations and filters to your Home Feed. Stay tuned.

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