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José Delbo🔥

José Delbo is an Argentinian born comic artist who has illustrated a number of Silver and Bronze Age comic classics. He’s the artist behind the pen of some of your favorite superheroes and comic classics — Wonder Woman, Batman, Transformers, The Beatles’ Yellow Submarine comic book, Billy The Kid… just to name a few. Last month, he made his crypto-art debut with the release of two artworks and a 43 page rare digital comic book. His 1/1 original piece, The Last Son of Krypton Fights for Humankind, sold for a record-breaking 27 ETH, and Delbo is just getting started. Read his full story here.

Primal Cypher🔥

Primal Cypher is a conceptual digital artist, amongst many other things (designer, oil painter, NFT writer and consultant). He’s well-known for his bold artwork which often contain strong social commentaries, as well themes relating to psychology, philosophy and spirituality. He has a strong affinity for blockchain, particularly Ethereum, Anonymous, The Occupy and Cypherpunk movement, which is often reflected in his work. His overall goal is to encourage enlightment, joy, and subverting the dominant paradigm through his artwork.

The Battle Against Covid Continues…

José Delbo’s new artworks continue the story of your favorite superheroes in the age of COVID. Last month, Delbo set the stage with the Last Son of Krypton and his outer space battle to save humanity against the horrors of COVID-19 (while consequently breaking a MakersPlace sales record with a final price of 27 ETH) . While the humans above land continue the fight against the pandemic, underwater citizens (with the help of their hero, the King of the Seven Seas) fought against another modern villain, pollution (not surprisingly, another top seller at 25 ETH). For the second chapter of his three part series, Delbo is taking us to the Big City for the ultimate showdown for humanity. Unity and strength shine through as central themes in these artworks, which portrays a coming together of friends and foes to battle the worst villain of all, COVID.

Citizens Unite!

As COVID continues to wreak havoc on communities, two sworn enemies put their problems aside and join forces to defeat a greater evil. The survival and prosperity of the human race depends on the unification of all citizens, for we are all the same in the eyes of the virus. Perhaps one of the most heated rivalries of all time has been halted in the name of humanity.

Portrayed in Delbo’s classic ink illustration style, a scene we’ve all become accustomed to in today’s world is given a spark of hope as we see two great powers put their differences aside for the sake of the world.

Citizens Unite! by José Delbo

Editions: One
Pricing: Only accepting offers

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In The Darkness Above She Waits

Tucked away above the bustle of the city, a beloved heroine watches from above, eagerly awaiting the right moment to make her move in defense of the city. An embodiment of strength, stealth and determination, she may be the city’s last hope.

Well-known for his illustrations of Wonder Woman (1976–83), Delbo is a fierce advocate for the portrayal and inclusion of powerful female heroes. This character is especially important to him not only for the crucial role she plays in this ongoing battle, but also for what she stands for and represents.

In The Darkness Above She Waits by José Delbo

Editions: 20
Pricing:0.5 ETH per edition, *the final edition will be auctioned

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A Hero’s Purpose

Heroes, villains, even your average citizen: Are we really so different? Past experiences and choices may set us apart, but at the end of the day we all want the same thing. In this case, it’s the inevitable defeat of the virus that has been terrorizing mankind. Another artwork making the case for coming together against a common enemy, this artwork also unifies the two unique styles of José Delbo, known for his classic comic pen and ink illustration style, and Primal Cypher, known for his bold and colorful expressions.

A Hero’s Purpose by José Delbo and Primal Cypher

Editions: 10
Pricing: 1 ETH per edition, *the final edition will be auctioned

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