We’re excited to unveil brand new original artworks from Sturec, offered exclusively through MakersPlace. This series release is extra special because 30% of all sale proceeds will be donated to Brain & Behavior Research Foundation. More details below.

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Sturec 🔥

Sturec is a digital animator with a background in engineering and design. She was born in Ankara, Turkey but is truly a global citizen having lived and studied across continents in cities like Paris, Istanbul, and Bangkok. Her artistic background is as diverse as her upbringing and includes experiences in the world of design, technology, engineering, and tattooing. She’s participated in and organized exhibitions and workshops across the world notably in Paris and Istanbul.

No matter her age or location, Sturec has always had a strong creative drive. As is the case with many artists in the space, she got her artistic start in physical mediums — “ I painted everything around me, sideways, walls, my computers, my legs, arms, windows, discman, walkman…” Sturec was eventually exposed to digital art through her studies, but even then, physical mediums (at this time pastels) still dominated within Sturec’s personal creative projects. It was not until her first Macbook and a consequential love affair with the trackpad that resulted in Sturec’s full conversion to the world of digital art.

Looking back on her journey as an artist, Sturec recalls a strong sense of perfectionism overtaking her younger years: “I threw away everything after a second glance. If I find a little detail that I do not like, it can even be the paper having little creases, I just throw it away and never look back at that work.” Creating digital art for both business and pleasure has helped Sturec overcome this, eventually leading to a career as a design freelancer and a hop down the rabbit hole of digital art.

Today, Sturec takes a holistic approach to her artwork, both in ideation, practice, and medium. Her wide range of experiences across industries and cultures has provided her with a unique approach and perspective to digital art. Her technical background often manifests in her artwork, which is often abstract in nature. She applies multiple forms of thought and intelligence to her creations resulting in multi-faceted style. As a self-proclaimed “math freak”, Sturec’s artwork is heavily influenced by geometry. This can be seen with her signature “geometric fish” who has made a constant cameo in her artwork since she was seven years old. Her mood, often rapidly changing, is another major influence on her artwork and vice versa, with art acting as an important emotional outlet.

Never afraid to venture uncharted waters or taboo subject matters, Sturec’s latest series dives into the often silenced, yet highly prevalent topic of mental health.

New Series: Mental Health

Mental health disorders are a major public health concern worldwide with an estimated 450 million people living with some type of mental health illness. Life under COVID has further exacerbated this issue, creating an intense need for having open, non-judgemental conversations around mental health. Sturec’s new series shines a light on what it is like living with a mental health disorder. She hopes these new perspectives will help increase understanding and conversation around these common experiences and help fight against the stigmas surrounding them.

We are proud to announce that 30% of the total sales from this series will be donated to Brain & Behavior Research Foundation — a non-profit providing funding for cutting-edge research dedicated to finding cures and solutions for mental health. Mental health is a serious issue that has become especially prevalent during quarantine times. We are honored for the opportunity to support an organization supporting and finding solutions for those living with mental health disorders.

Major Depression

While sadness is part of the universal human experience, those living with Major Depressive disorder experience intense feelings of unexplainable sadness for long periods of time. Thoughts for those living with major depression weigh heavy and are often difficult to contain. Sturec captures this sentiment in a thought-provoking animation featuring an abstracted outpour of thoughts.

Major Depression by Sturec

Editions: One
Pricing: Only accepting offers

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Bipolar Disorder

Bipolar Disorder is a prevalent, yet highly misunderstood mental health illness. Sturec captures the cyclic mood changes of Bipolar disorder using color, shapes, and alternating environments. A daytime scene captures the essence of mania: Sleepless nights, delusions, and irritability; while a night scene highlights depressive symptoms such as feelings of defeat, sadness, fatigue, and hopelessness.

Bipolar Disorder by Sturec

Pricing: 0.5 ETH per edition, *last edition accepting offers only

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Psychosis — Schizophrenia

Schizophrenia is another mental illness that is highly stigmatized and misunderstood. Through this piece Sturec hopes to better define the relationship between psychosis (a syndrome) and schizophrenia (a mental health disorder which psychosis is often a symptom). This artwork highlights the disassociated thinking often present in Schizophrenia which Sturec illustrates in a dynamic and vibrant separation of form.

Psychosis — Schizophrenia by Sturec

Pricing: 0.5 ETH per edition, *last edition accepting offers only

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Sturec’s artwork is currently being shown at the MakersPlace VR Art Gallery in Cryptovoxels until August 27th, 2020.

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