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Reinhard Schmid

When you have an idea, it’s like in a dream… just about anything is possible.

— Reinhard Schmid

Reinhard Schmid is a German-born, fine artist turned digital creator who is well known for his signature reverse glass painting technique known as Hinterglas. A pioneer and well-respected member within the rare digital art community, Schmid has been on the frontlines of the Rare Digital Art movement since its inception.

Schmid has been creating since he was a child, receiving great encouragement from his parents throughout his artist endeavors. His passion for art was evident, and blossomed quickly after discovering a love for art galleries, museums, and working with his families artist friends. He also discovered a love for technical drawings during his teen years which actually resulted in a short career working on a submarine. But the arts kept calling, and it was not long before Schmid was back to creating.

Over the last 30 years, Schmid’s works have been exhibited across the world, including the New York Art Expo in the early 90s. Today, many of his physical artworks can be found in private collections and galleries across Europe, the United States, and Japan. His digital creations are held by many collectors and he’s quickly become a recognizable name within the scene.

Schmid’s style can be described as dynamic, experimental, surrealist, even psychedelic. Much of his digital artwork is a marriage between physical and digital mediums. With his physical artwork Schmid generally uses two approaches: a highly laborious Hinterglas technique, or reverse glass painting, and the techniques used by Flemish painters over 100 years ago. He often uses his physical artwork as a base for digital manipulation, as is the case with his newest release.

Learn more about Reinhard Shmid’s story and work from our interview with him, here.


This animated digital collage, based on a manipulated version of physical oil paintings created by Reinhard Schmid for an exhibition with the theme of “Phoenixes and Dragons”. This artwork reveals a mystical fire spitting creature, the Dragonfish, floating in an enchanted setting. The original oil painting was circular leading Schmid to create a round frame around the fish to keep notions of roundness and fluidity.

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Dragonfish by Reinhard Schmid

Editions: 1
Pricing: Accepting offers only

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Reinhard Schmid’s artwork is currently being shown at the MakersPlace VR Art Gallery in Cryptovoxels until August 27th, 2020.

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