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Buckle your seatbelts and prepare for a trip —  Visionary digital artist Spaced Painter’s high-resolution, highly intricate artworks takes viewers on a psychedelic journey across time and space to worlds and galaxies unknown. Each artwork rich in story and technical detail, resulting in so much more than just a visual experience. 

The official genesis of Spaced Painter took place in 2012, and since then Spaced Painter has established themselves as a well-known figure in the world of Crypto Art particularly recognized for their highly technical VR, fractal art, and GAN creations. Spaced Painter found their current artistic path through Spray Paint Art which eventually evolved into an exploration of the never-ending possibilities of fractal art. 

“There is this nagging feeling that the visions need creating that won’t go until I execute. On a broader level, one can only hope to inspire and perhaps expand minds by allowing the viewer to see something from a new perspective or maybe find something within themselves previously veiled.” — Spaced Painter

Spaced Painter prefers to keep their identity completely undisclosed from the public, hoping to avoid any type of outside influence on the way their art is interpreted. It is all part of Spaced Painter’s mission to put the art at the center and to create meaningful, immersive experiences for viewers that aren’t tainted by distractions. Spaced Painter’s ultimate goal is to open minds and provide new perspectives by introducing new and thought-provoking sensory experiences. 

Sources of inspiration are abundant and constantly evolving (much like Spaced Painter’s artwork) but a few that stand out are Spaced Painter’s early days as a hardcore videogamer in the 80s/90s, science fiction, cyberpunk, dystopia, space, surrealism, sacred geometry, psychedelics culture, light and dark alike, the myth dimension and the mystical experience.

Change Exhibition Winner: The Quicksand Castle Of Aghadya

Back in June, Spaced Painter won our Change Exhibition, for receiving the most engagement on the 3D fractal masterpiece The Quicksand Castle Of Aghadya. Centered around the theme of change, this artwork displays a highly malleable, shape-shifting environment in Fractal-land. Viewers are encouraged to dive in and let their minds wander the scene. What lies beyond this structure in this mystical world? What secrets are being held in the ever-changing and evolving landscape? This artwork, like most of Spaced Painter’s creations, is best appreciated in its full high res glory with special attention paid to the layers of intricacies it contains. 

The Quicksand Castle Of Aghadya by Spaced Painter

Editions: One
Pricing: 14 ETH ($5,707)

View Full Artwork>>

Visionary 3D/4D Fractal Art

Spaced Painter is well-known for their highly detailed, high-resolution 3D/4D Fractal Art. But this is not your typical fractal art — Each creation requires thoughtful and painstakingly technical mathematical manipulations often taking Spaced Painter months to complete. The vision, technical input, and dedication sets Spaced Painter’s fractal art apart from the rest. The captivating result whole-heartedly pulls viewers’ in — mind, body, and soul. 

New Release: Dragon Orb

Spaced Painter’s newest digital release Dragon Orb is another highly detailed fractal wonder with a story to tell. This time Spaced Painter transports us to the Dragon’s den, introducing a captivating new mystical character surrounded by fractalized figures mirroring the focal scene. 

Dragon Orb by Spaced Painter

Editions: One
Pricing: 7 ETH

View Full Artwork>>

The Posthuman Prince Of Azarius

This 3D fractal artwork depicts The Digital Shaman, meditating on the edge of Cyber grid where all circuits converge and metaverse travelers converge to seek its wisdom. An iconic piece, this 3D fractal Artwork is often thought of as Spaced Painter’s online avatar.

The Posthuman Prince Of Azarius by Spaced Painter

Editions: One
Pricing: 15 ETH (~$6,082)

View Full Artwork>>

Mind Chamber

A surrealist gem centered around the theme of singularity, the Mind Chamber is another intricate 3D pure Fractal creation by Spaced Painter which takes viewers to a spaceship portal on the borders of Fractal-land. 

Mind Chamber by Spaced Painter

Editions: One
Pricing: 19 ETH (~$7,704)

View Full Artwork>>

Skeksis AI Collection (GAN)

Spaced Painter’s Skeksis AI Collection differs from other GAN work we are seeing in the industry in that it is not automatically generated by a machine (for those unfamiliar, GAN artwork typically consists of AI-generated creations). Rather Spaced Painter’s Gan work is a collaboration between man and machine in which Spaced Painter “teaches” the DeepLearning tool by pushing it in terms of character direction and storytelling. These artworks are further developed by applying a number of other software and artistic tools. 


A combination of visual tools came together to bring this AI-generated character, inspired by the Dark Crystal, to life. A character with a mysterious story to tell, the scientist SkekTek appeals to all your scenes and challenges you to finish the story. 

SkekTek by Spaced Painter

Editions: One
Pricing: 3.5 ETH ($1,427)

View Full Artwork>>

Retro 3D Renders

Past and future worlds collide in Spaced Painter’s retro 3D renders. Inspired by video games and graphic novels from the 80s and 90s and created using 15 year old software, there is no denying the retro element in these timeless artworks. 


An introspective battle or sea serpent from another world? Interpretations are aplenty for Ophiuchus by Spaced Painter. Monochrome color schemes and dreamy aesthetic takes us back to the good old days of sci-fi fantasy. 

Ophiuchus by Spaced Painter

Editions: One
Pricing: 3.5 ETH ($1,427)

View Full Artwork>>

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