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Jon Noorlander 🔥

Jon Noorlander is a Swedish 3D digital artist based in New York City. He has recently turned his focus to rare digital art after achieving much success in the industry of creative advertising design and direction.

Noorlander has spent over two decades creating immersive digital experiences for big-name brands across the world. Some notable projects include DoClasse — Thermal Coat 2019EssieAdobe Remix, the Apple iPhone X revealApple WatchBudlightthe ATT/Direct TV NFL commercial, Ford. He’s also responsible for openers and ads for Deadpool 2 and 300 — Rise of an Empire, as well as Major Lazer’s Light it Up Remix (which has reached over 400 million views on Youtube).

Alongside his career success, Noorlander’s personal creative projects have developed a massive social media following on both TikTok and Instagram, with one of his TikTok videos, Banana, receiving over 35 million views.

Noorlander’s highly stylized and expressive 3d animations have garnered the attention of collectors and publications across the space. Noorlander’s artwork is contemporary, bold, and abstract, always igniting a strong emotional response from viewers.

New Series: Blockchain Breakthrough

Jon Noorlander’s new series expresses his interpretation of blockchain/crypto’s global impact — an untouched subject for Noorlander until now.

Buddha, Atlas and The Bull

An animated reflection on the cultural, social and financial effects of the current blockchain breakthrough.

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Reinhard Schmid 🔥

Reinhard Schmid is a German-born, fine artist turned digital creator who is well known for his signature reverse glass painting technique known as Hinterglas. A pioneer and well-respected member within the rare digital art community, Schmid has been on the frontlines of the Rare Digital Art movement since its inception.

Over the last 30 years, Schmid’s works have been exhibited across the world, including the New York Art Expo in the early 90s. Today, many of his physical artworks can be found in private collections and galleries across Europe, the United States, and Japan. His digital creations are held by many collectors and he’s quickly become a recognizable name within the scene.

Schmid’s style can be described as dynamic, experimental, surrealist, even psychedelic. Much of his digital artwork is a marriage between physical and digital mediums. Schmid’s highly laborious Hinterglas technique provides each creation with a completely unique aesthetic.


This animated digital collage, based on a manipulated version of physical oil paintings created by Reinhard Schmid reveals a mystical creature dwelling in an even more enchanting setting.

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Sturec 🔥

Sturec is a digital animator with a background in engineering and design. She was born in Ankara, Turkey but is truly a citizen of the world having lived and studied in three continents in cities like Paris, Istanbul, and Bangkok. Her artistic background is as diverse as her upbringing and includes experiences in the world of design, technology, engineering, and tattooing. She’s participated in and organized exhibitions and workshops across the globe.

Sturec takes a holistic approach to her artwork, both in ideation and practice. Her wide range of experiences across industries and cultures has provided her with a unique approach and perspective to digital art. Her technical background often manifests in her artwork, which is often abstract in nature. As a self-proclaimed “math freak”, Sturec’s artwork is heavily influenced by geometry.

Never afraid to venture uncharted waters or taboo subject matters, Sturec’s latest series dives into the often silenced, yet highly prevalent topic of mental health.

New Series: Mental Health

Mental health disorders are a major public health concern worldwide with an estimated 450 million people living with some type of mental health disorder. Sturec’s new series shines a light on what it is like living with a mental health disorder. She hopes these new perspectives will help increase understanding and conversation around these common experiences and help fight against the stigmas surrounding them.

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Bipolar Disorder

Sturec captures the cyclic mood changes of Bipolar disorder using color, shapes and alternating environments.

Psychosis — Schizophrenia

A common symptom of Schizophrenia is disassociated thinking which Sturec highlights in a dynamic separation of form.

Major Depression

Thoughts for those living with major depression weigh heavy and are often difficult to contain. Sturec captures this sentiment in a thought-provoking animation featuring an abstracted out pour of thoughts.

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