We’re excited to unveil new original artworks by Osinachi and A. L. Crego. All works are original and exclusively created and offered through MakersPlace.

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Osinachi 🔥

Prince Jacon, better known as Osinachi, is a self-taught Nigerian digital painter and prominent leader in the African crypto art movement. He was born and brought up in Aba, a city in South-Eastern Nigeria referred to as the “Japan of Africa” for its industry and enterprise.

Osinachi spent his childhood days selling wares with his mother across his city, exposing him to both the beauty and the brutality of what his city had to offer. He also spent his childhood experimenting with various mediums of art, eventually discovering a passion for visual arts in the digital form. His artwork is a reflection of his experiences, his people, his culture, and himself.

Over the years, Osinachi has made his mark on the world of rare digital art through straightforward creations containing a whirlwind of expression and emotion. The emotional impact of Osinachi’s work is obvious and immediate, which would explain his success in the rare digital market with his works on MakersPlace routinely selling out in record speed. His signature style is figurative portraits, with each one of his works tying back to the experiences of himself and those around him.


Osinachi’s latest creation is a celebration of the art and cultural significance of the beautification and adornment of hair within the Igbo cultural tradition.

Nwanyi Sunday

Femininity at its finest, Nwanyi Sunday pays homage to the elegant Igbo women, always dressed to impress.

A. L. Crego 🔥

A. L. Crego is a digital artist based in Spain known for combining the aesthetic and culture of street art with the emotion and presentation of internet art. Digital art and the culture associated with it has been a part of his life for as long as he can remember.

A. L. Crego’s art has undoubtedly made its mark worldwide across both mainstream and sub-cultures. Some of his major projects include commissioned work for companies such as Vice, Nissan, Espolon, Perrier, as well as designing visual loops for world-renowned EDM producer, DJ Snake in Miami.

As Crego puts it, his style is “not having a style”. Rather, he’s intent on changing perspectives through the presentation of new narratives and ways to consume art and culture. His work is full of intersections and dichotomies: For example, the use of analogical resources to feed his digital art, combining the best of both worlds. His latest release echoes the theme of juxtaposition by combining elements of the natural world with its urban counterparts.

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Aerial Mud

The intersection and complex relationship between man and earth come to life in this intricate animation.

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Hidden within a blanket of forest and fog resides a futuristic vessel which shouldn’t belong, yet fits right now.

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An ancient tool gets a modern upgrade in this creation which symbolizes the meeting of worlds past, present, and future.

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