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Werner Hornung🔥

When you create a new entity, you provoke assemblies, and if you are lucky, at the end you may achieve some kind of poetic meeting.

— Werner Hornung

Werner Hornung is a contemporary digital artist born in Germany and based in Paris, France for the past 30 years. Hornung previously ran his own advertising agency, mostly working with fashion brands. During his time running the agency, Hornung worked with acclaimed photographers from around the world and mastered a number of digital tools. Despite his early successes, Hornung felt a strong desire to create without constraint so he dove into his personal artistic practice. Today, Hornung is completely dedicated to creating his own rare digital art to share with the world.

His personal art journey began many years ago with collages — Hornung enjoyed pasting different elements together to create a cohesive piece with a central message. A few years later he began experimenting with computer art, eventually resulting in the creations that Hornung is best known for today.

His artwork has been exhibited across the globe, including The Westin Valencia, Gertrud D Galleries Amsterdam, El Retiro Madrid, Espace Cardin Paris, Abigail Budapest, Salvador Dali Museum Brugge, Museum Tsereteli Moscow, Blast Gallery Paris, and many more.

Hornung has always been drawn to surrealism and has often been referred to as Gustave Moreau of the 21st century. His style and choice of medium are constantly evolving. The presentation of each new medium provides a number of opportunities for change and transformation within his creations. The central visual art tenements of composition, color, form, rhythm, and the interplay between these principles is always at the forefront of Hornung’s artwork. Themes of evolution and transformation are present in both the subject matter and presentation of Hornung’s creations. The contortions presented in his artwork are always soothing, seamless, and mesmerizing.

Toxic Fish

This original artwork takes viewers to the deepest depths of the ocean to witness the evolution of an algae-eating species into one that has adapted to thrive in a plastic-filled ocean environment. The fish itself is extremely intricate, it’s bones following an almost rhythmic pattern. Its animated surroundings echo this rhythm, providing viewers with an eerie sense of oceanic calm.

Still Preview of Toxic by Werner Hornung

Editions: One
Pricing: Only accepting offers

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The Last Bouquet

Why are humans so obsessed with death? Skulls, bones, and other symbols of death adorn our clothes, homes, and make their way into our art. In, The Last Bouquet, a vessel full of life flows freely into the air, all the while intertwined with skulls, reminding us of the inevitability and important role of death. This limited edition new release from Hornung explores the transformation from life and death, and how the concept affects the psyche of human beings.

Still Preview of The Last Bouquet by Werner Hornung

Editions: 5
Pricing: 0.25 ETH ($100) / edition
* The 5th and final edition will be sold as an auction.

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Let’s See

Inspired from Hornung’s favorite quote, “The better you look, the more you see” this artwork in Hornung’s original series explores the evolution that occurs when one transforms their outlook from simply looking at the world to truly seeing and understanding. An alternate, more literal interpretation, refers to the opportunities allotted to the “better looking”. In other words, the better you look, the more places or opportunities you will see. Hornung leaves the final interpretation up to the viewer, but the captivating nature of this piece is not up for debate.

Static Preview of Let’s See by Werner Hornung

Editions: 5
Pricing: 0.25 ETH ($100) / edition
* The 5th and final edition will be sold as an auction.

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Werner Hornung’s artwork is currently being shown at the MakersPlace VR Art Gallery in Cryptovoxels until August 13th, 2020.

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