Upcoming Drops — Greg Notzelman and Werner Hornung

We’re excited to unveil new original artworks by Greg Notzelman and Werner Hornung. All works are original and exclusively created and offered through MakersPlace.

Dropping 8/6🔥

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Greg Notzelman 🔥

My personal goal is to achieve more with my own art and eclipse the great work I did in film. I plan on being around for a long time and people who invest now in my work are early.

— Greg Notzelman

Greg Notzelman is an American digital artist and self-taught animator who now resides in Scarborough, Queensland; a small beach town in Australia. Prior to moving to Australia, Notzelman spent over 20 years in the United States creating visual effects and environments for a number of blockbuster movie hits.

Through his work in the film industry, Notzelman has gained experience in a number of digital creation roles. He has been an animator, modeler, retoucher, Lighting TD, Shader TD, Environment Lead, and worked on set. Some of these his projects include Avatar, The Hobbit movies, Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince, Tin Tin, Iron Man 3, all three Planet of the Apes, Avengers Infinity Wars, and many more. He has been nominated for two Visual Effects Society awards, once in 2014 for Outstanding Created Environment in a Live-Action Feature Motion Picture for Iron Man 3(2013) and again in 2018 for Outstanding Created Environment in a Photoreal Feature for the Planet of the Apes(2017). You can check out his full list of film credits here.

Last year, Notzelman realigned his focus on his personal artwork, resulting in a number of highly coveted rare digital art releases. Notzelman’s sources of inspiration often depend on the context and medium of his artwork. Generally speaking, his creations lean towards a more stylized aesthetic, as opposed to a hyper-realistic look. Movies and comic books often influence his work. Two directors he particularly admires are Ridley Scott (director of the original Blade Runner) and James Cameron (director of the Terminator series and Avatar).


Inspired by our current times, Notzelman’s latest release, Surveillance, brings viewers into the future to a 22nd century dystopian society where a virus has forced human isolation, movements are tracked, natural resources are scarce and quality of life is determined by a “social credit score”.

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Preview of Surveillance by Greg Notzelman

Werner Hornung 🔥

When you create a new entity, you provoke assemblies, and if you are lucky, at the end you may achieve some kind of poetic meeting.

— Werner Hornung

Werner Hornung is a German digital artist who has spent the last 30 years living in Paris, France. Hornung previously ran his own advertising agency, mostly working with fashion companies. During his time running the agency, Hornung worked with acclaimed photographers from around the world and mastered a number of digital tools. These days Hornung is completely dedicated to creating his own rare digital art to share with the world.

His personal art journey began many years ago with collages — Hornung enjoyed pasting different elements together to create a cohesive piece with a central message. A few years later he began experimenting with computer art, eventually resulting in the creations that Hornung is best known for today.

Hornung has always been drawn to surrealism and has often been referred to as Gustave Moreau of the 21st century. His style and choice of medium are constantly evolving. The presentation of each new medium provides a number of opportunities for change and transformation within his creations. The central visual art tenements of composition, color, form, rhythm, and the interplay between these principles is always at the forefront of Hornung’s artwork. Themes of evolution and transformation are present in both the subject matter and presentation of Hornung’s creations.

Toxic Fish

This original artwork from Werner Hornung takes viewers to the deepest depths of the ocean to witness the evolution of an algae-eating species into a one that has adapted to thrive in a plastic-filled ocean environment.

Preview of Toxic Fish by Werner Hornung

The Last Bouquet

Why are humans so obsessed with death? This limited edition new release from Hornung explores the transformation from life and death, and how the concept affects the psyche of human beings.

Preview of The Last Bouquet by Werner Hornung

Let’s See

The final artwork in Hornung’s original series explores the evolution that occurs when one transforms their outlook from simply looking at the world to truly seeing and understanding.

Preview of Let’s See by Werner Hornung

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