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Welcome to the July 2020 edition of the MakersPlace Newsletter, where we feature the latest updates from the artists, collectors and the company. This month we’re excited to share updates on our Drop program, notable artists and collectors, our newest feature rollouts, and some exciting upcoming events.

Drops 🔥

Each week we feature original, never-before-seen artworks by prominent digital artists on MakersPlace. These Drops serve as a great way for collectors to discover new artists each week, as well as an opportunity for artists to gain exposure across our community and of course, sell their artworks. We are pleased to report that our drop program continues to be a success for participating artists.

Here are the notable drops from this past month:

1. The Last Son of Krypton Fights for Humankind — José Delbo (1/1)

Purchased by for Whaleshark for 27 ETH (~$8,190)

2. Crypto Combat — Javier Arres x Katy Arrington (1/1)

Purchased by Digitible for 16.55 ETH (~$3,747.00)

3. Under Every Desert a Sea — Terry Flaxton (10/10)

Purchased by moderats, Cat Lee, HERNAN MOLINA, Aisha Arif, DannieB, Ryan Shih, HXLLYWXXDVICES, Joel, bergleeuw, and Logan , valuing the artwork at ~$1,437.

You can check out all of our previous drops here.

Artist Spotlight — José Delbo

This month we’re highlighting legendary comic artist turned crypto-artist José Delbo.

José Delbo is an Argentinian born comic artist who has illustrated a number of Silver and Bronze Age comic classics. He’s the artist behind the pen of some of your favorite superheroes and comic classics — Wonder Woman, Batman, Transformers, The Beatles’ Yellow Submarine comic book, Billy The Kid… just to name a few.

Today, Delbo’s work hangs in museums and private collections around the world. He’s been the recipient of a number of awards, including Comic-Con’s coveted Ink Pot Award for a lifetime of service to the comics industry.

José Delbo’s artistic legacy is far from over. He’s pushed his classic comic style to the future with the recent release of three rare digital artworks. This past drop marked Delbo’s debut within the world of digital/crypto art. Digitally enhancing his classic illustration approach has resulted in timeless creations that fit today’s digital consumption demand without sacrificing the integrity of Delbo’s beloved style.

Learn more about Delbo’s eclectic comic background and legendary drop here.

The Last Son of Krypton Fights for Humankind by José Delbo

A one-of-a-kind rare digital artwork depicting a modern-day superhero saving the world from a pandemic of grand proportions. This artwork is portrayed in Delbo’s classic Bronze Age illustration style but its subject matter is sure to hit a chord amongst those of us living in the year 2020. Only one original edition was released of this historical rare digital artwork.

The Amazonian Princess and the Panther by José Delbo

Delbo also released a limited edition (10/10) artwork, The Amazonian Princess and the Panther, which depicts two of his best-known comic characters. All editions sold out with the final edition selling for 2.15 ETH (~$657) to Moderats.

Death by José Delbo

Finally, Delbo released his first-ever rare digital comic book titled Death. This comic book contains 43 full pages of the adventures of the grim reaper. Only 250 editions of the comic book exist with over 100 editions gone already. There’s still time to grab one, but better act fast as the price goes up as the available editions go down.

Collector Spotlight

The most active collectors last month by volume and activity were:

Rare Digital Art marks a necessary paradigm shift in creativity, collecting and artist rights. It’s truly an honor to be a part of this revolution with our collection and see so many talented people enter the space. I am a huge fan of artists that push the medium of the digital canvas to new heights, and paired with a pursuit of perfection, there are so many well deserving creatives in the space that will undoubtedly be recognized in the near future.

— WhaleShark

  • Pablorf, whose current collection features a number of 3D artworks and soft aesthetics that bring you into the future.

Makersplace is really a special marketplace and we love collecting here for a number of reasons.

First, for the discerning collector, it is truly a place to uncover some hidden gems. We were introduced to some truly incredible artists here; Javier Arres, ONEFALLART, Werner Hornung, LuluxXX, GrayMask, Matt Nelson and The Internet Office all come to mind. The platform hosts an incredible variety of artists and high-quality works.

Further, we really appreciate MakersPlace’s inclusion of editioned work. When you purchase a work in a series you not only feel a connection to the work and the artist but to the other collectors who are in there with you. It becomes a club and a way to signal an alignment in taste and further share incentives in growing an artist.

Finally, we love that MakersPlace has fiat integration. This makes it very easy for us to introduce this to anyone and in just a couple clicks they are able to become collectors and purchase digital art! — Pablorf of Museum of Crypto Art

You can find all of our active collectors and their collections in our Activity Feed, which is updated weekly.

Moderats, Whaleshark, Pablorf, Jeang, and elCastor

The collections of all of this month’s top collectors are truly exceptional and unique. Each speaks to the individual collector’s style preferences and we highly recommend taking a look at each.

If you’re looking for inspiration from these collectors, here are some of the artists that they’ve recently been collecting from: Werner HORNUNG, Anna Stoyanova, Skeenee, David Loblaw, Janne, Frenetik Void, luluxXX, Serste, jrdsctt, Katy Arrington, Dick Gillman, and Bit Error.

The exit door leads in by Werner HORNUNG, Big mix( revival art)#4 by Anna Stoyanova and
Gold Tooth Monkey Skull by Skeenee
Super Electric Aquarium by David Loblaw, Digital Mountain No.01 by Janne, and The Idiot — 2019 by Frenetik Void
Asynchronous communication #2 by luluxXX, Great Mother breath — gif art by Serste and CHILDHOOD DREAMS by jrdsctt
Cherry by Katy Arrington, Tree by Bit Error, and Burning the Library by Dick Gillman

New Features

We are constantly trying to improve and make our site easier to use for both artists and collectors. This month, we are excited to introduce our new drop page!

New Artwork Drop Page

We are excited to introduce our new drop page which highlights upcoming, present, and past drops. With this new page, collectors can rest assured they won’t miss anticipated releases and can stay up-to-date with all bid updates. It is also a great way for our drop artists to increase their visibility to new potential followers and collectors. Head on over to our new drop page for a sneak peek at this month’s upcoming drops.

Upcoming Events

Another month of quarantine, but don’t you worry, we’ve got plenty of exciting online events (including a giveaway) to look forward to!

MakersPlace Digital Art Frame Giveaway

Have you ever wanted to enjoy your rare digital art purchases on a wall in your home? Now you can! Digital art frames bridge our world of rare digital art with physical spaces. This innovation is changing the way we interact with digital art, and we want to give you the opportunity to experience it yourself.

We are excited to announce that next week we’ll be holding a raffle to give away a digital art frame to one of our community members. Earn raffle tickets by engaging with us on Twitter (stay tuned for details) or making purchases from a special feed on our website. Full raffle details will be posted to our blog next week, so keep an eye out!

Opensea: A Month of MakersPlace

We at MakersPlace are excited to announce that we’ve teamed up with OpenSea to bring their NFT community a curated selection of never-before-seen rare digital artworks each week for the next month.

Each week, we’ll present new rare digital artworks inspired by the theme of “rebirth”. These original artworks will be available for auction directly on OpenSea.

Week 1 — 07/30 :

Artwork from Marco-o-matic, CSLIM, Nicolas Villarreal and Nadia Forkosh

Week 2 — 08/06 :

Artwork from Bård Ionson, Jake Johns, TMarchev and Natural Warp

Week 3 — 08/13:

Artwork from Heidy Teixeira, Spaced Painter, Plouzzaa and Marko Zubak

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