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Skeenee — Dropping 07/30🔥

Digital art has alway been part of my life, you could say that I have had the chance to grow with and directly witness the evolution of all the mediums I am using in my artwork today.

— Skeenee

Skeenee is a Belgian tattoo and rare digital artist based in Madrid, Spain. He’s been obsessed with the arts since childhood, often getting in trouble with his teachers for his non-stop doodling. After completing his studies in university, Skeenee dove full-force into the world of art, particularly animation. He began formally studying animation in Vancouver where his obvious ability earned him spot in the Lee Mishkin Film Making Scholarship program.

Following his studies, Skeenee pursued a career in commercial animation, which much to his dismay was too far removed from the art of classical animation he had grown to love. On the hunt for a job in the arts that allowed for un-censored creative expression, Skeenee began exploring tattooing after a conversation with a tattoo artist about how much she loved what she did. Before long, Skeenee had mastered this new medium and opened the doors for a whole new chapter in his arts career. Lucky for us in the digital realm, this new career path granted Skeenee the time and freedom to expand on his digital artwork.

Since embarking on his rare digital arts journey, Skeenee’s bold painting style and hypnotic animations have helped him to harmoniously excel in both the physical art world through tattooing and the rare digital art world. Skeenee has become a well-respected and highly revered artist in the NFT space with previous editions of his anatomical works, such as his Gorilla Skeleton, selling out in record speed. Other examples of Skeenee’s top sellers include Gold Tooth Monkey Skull and the CryptoBull Skull.

Each line is important & carefully planned, it has a story, a beginning, & an end. — Skeenee

Skeenee’s experience in the tattoo world continues to interact and influence his rare digital art (and vice versa). For example, his signature bold line work and shading are reminiscent of the defined, high-contrast lines and shades found in classic tattoo flash art. Skeenee also draws inspiration from the illustration and animation style of artists Michael Mattesi and Glen Vilppu. Through his artwork, Skeenee unifies separate spaces and ideas: Science and art, technology and art, and the physical and digital worlds.

Anatomical Animal Series

This particular series is part of a larger study of human/ animal anatomy, and is inspired from Renaissance anatomic studies, a time when Science and Art were seen as one.

— Skeenee

Skeenee has always been interested in skulls and anatomy as a subject matter, drawn by the detail and dynamism. His latest artwork release reveals the latest in his animal anatomy series centered on detailed anatomical studies of various animal skeletons inspired by taxidermy from Tom’s Imagination.

For this series, Skeenee combines science and art by incorporating in-depth, anatomically accurate studies of animal skeletal structures with examinations and experimentation of artistic principles such as contrast between abstract vs organic shapes, light vs dark and general composition. All studies are depicted in ink, a medium Skeenee chose specifically for its permanence and unforgiving nature. The studies are further brought to life through Skeenee’s signature animation style.

Seagull Skeleton

Still Preview of Seagull Skeleton by Skeenee

Editions: One
Pricing: Only Accepting Offers

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Python Skull

Still Preview of Python Skull by Skeenee

Editions: 10/10 
Pricing: The first 9 editions sell at 0.25ETH per edition, last edition is an auction accepting offers only.

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Roe Deer Skull

Still Preview of Roe Deer Skull by Skeenee

Editions: 10/10
Pricing: The first 9 editions sell at 0.25ETH per edition, last edition is an auction accepting offers only.

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Skeenee’s artwork is currently being shown at the MakersPlace VR Art Gallery in Cryptovoxels until August 6th, 2020.

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