José Delbo Virtual Scavenger Hunt — Rules & Hints

Welcome to our Virtual Scavenger Hunt!

Please find all the rules, questions and hints below. We hope you have fun and learn more about the amazing José Delbo and his artwork.

The Rules

  1. Find the answers to the 6 questions provided in the “Questions” section below. Don’t forget to read our hints!
  2. DM your answers to us on Twitter (@makersplaceco or @aishacarif) or on Discord (DM our community manager Aisha with your answers)
  3. Each participant will be entered in a raffle to win an edition of José Delbo’s rare digital comic book “Death”.
  4. Winner will be announced Friday at 12pm PST

The Questions

  1. How old was Delbo when he created his first ever comic? What country was it published in?
  2. Delbo’s new original artwork depicts a modern day superhero fighting what?
  3. What are 5 past comics that Delbo has illustrated? Names and the years they were published.
  4. In the 90s, Delbo helped the planet go green with the illustration of which comic?
  5. An exhibited scene of Delbo’s latest comic depicts natural disaster striking in which city?
  6. An SUV mets an awful fate via a Railroad Crossing… What crime did it escape?


  1. Answers can be found in our Decentraland gallery (pay close attention to Delbo’s introduction)
  2. If you’re stuck head over to our José Delbo article for more hints
  3. If you’re REALLY stuck you can also check out Delbo’s website for clues

The Prize

Each participant will be entered into a raffle to win a coveted edition of José Delbo’s digital comic book “Death” (one of his first artworks ever published on Blockchain)

Delbo has released a 43 page digital comic book introducing a brand new character. Full access to the comic book will only be available to owners, so sorry folks no spoilers here. But what we can tell you is the comic’s main theme and character have a notorious reputation, yet are a salient part of every person, every where’s life.

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