Upcoming Drop — Terry Flaxton

We’re excited to unveil a new original artwork by Terry Flaxton, exclusively created and offered through MakersPlace.

Terry Flaxton — Dropping 07/16 🔥

A pioneer in the world of video, Terry Flaxton is a British artist who has been creating various forms of cinematic art since 1970. Terry Flaxton is an artistic pioneer in every sense of the term. In his 50+ years of creating, he’s been at the forefront of many emerging art forms and technologies.

What started as a passion for analogue transformed into an exploration and love of digital which is now evolving into the quantum, technology-based art forms of the future.

To date, Flaxton has had over 200 exhibitions across the globe in cultural hubs such as Tokyo, Moscow, Florence, Dublin, Istanbul, and New York. Flaxton’s artwork has received various awards and is held in current collections of Museums across the world (The Arnolfini in Bristol, The Museum of Modern Art in Berlin, The British Artists Film and Video Study Collection in London, Video Les Beaux Jours in Strasbourg, The Rewind Project in Dundee, The Lux Centre in London, The AICE in Milan, and The Harris Museum in Preston.)

New Release — Under Every Desert a Sea

This artwork is the first of a short series which identifies the elephant in the room — the anthropocene — human damage. It’s the time after the ice caps have melted, the torrent has fallen, the sun is expanding, the sea is evaporating and humanity has gone.

— Terry Flaxton

Flaxton’s newest creation, Under Every Desert a Sea is centered around the theme of geological time. The creation began its life with images from the Mojave desert which Flaxton severely abstracted to give the impression of rippling water.

This is the first ever 4K video artwork to be showcased on MakersPlace, and created to be experienced with stunning detail on any big-screen.

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