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We’re excited to unveil a new original artwork by Vansdesign. This work is an original and exclusively created and offered through MakersPlace.

Vansdesign — Dropping 07/09🔥

If I could take it apart, I should be able to change it, rebuild it and make it mine.

— Vansdesign

Vansdesign is an Italian designer and digital artist whose works blend many styles to generate colorful abstract artworks. Components of fundamental design principles, abstraction, and minimalism are often found within his artwork. Usually starting with simple shapes, he masterfully manipulates them into complex, though-provoking forms which are usually abstract, 3D and/or animated.

Growing up in Greece and Italy, Vansdesign has been constantly surrounded by art, naturally sparking a sense of creativity within him early on. Since childhood, Vansdesign has been drawn to deconstruction and recreation. What started as tearing down lego sets and performing surgeries that breathed new life into his various toys eventually became a central tenet within Vansdesign’s creations. In his later years, Vansdesign became more involved with the internet and technology, thus leading to his career in design and much of the artwork we see today.

Digital Vandalism : Censored

This animated creation is part of Vansdesign’s Digital Vandalism series in which he digitally “vandalizes” a number of classical master paintings to provide viewers with a new, modern perspective.

With this latest creation, Vansdesign uses animation to digitally tweak a classic 19th century painting. The result is a showcase of the contrast between old and new, and how it relates to the concept of censorship. A critical look at censorship within today’s society, Digital Vandalism : Censored, is sure to leave viewers contemplating the role of censorship within their own lives.

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Preview of Digital Vandalism : Censored by Vansdesign

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