The Makers Exhibition: A MakersPlace Ambassador Showcase

We are excited to announce our upcoming rare digital art exhibition, The Makers. With this exhibition, we are honoring and showing appreciation for our wonderful Ambassadors: FtrSaroth, jrdsctt and Joe Chiappetta.

The exhibition will be hosted in our Doom District gallery at 6pm on July 7th.

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FtrSaroth is a digital artist who was born and raised in Mexico. His artwork blends components of traditional drawing and painting with digital art, giving it a well-rounded complexity. He is interested and inspired by occultism, which often plays an influence his creations.

FtrSaroth will be debuting a new series, Anger is a gift, for the exhibition. This series explores emotions that have been dubbed as negative, and serves as a reminder to embrace all emotions, negative or not.

Some people consider it bad to allow themselves to feel negative emotions, when in fact it is the most natural thing. The question is what you do with those negative emotions. We all have our bright side and our dark side, we must work to accept and assimilate that dark part of ourselves to make our “demons” act in our favor. I made this series (Anger is a gift) when i was really angry and upset, and listening almost obsessively to two songs (and i suggest to list them while you contemplate this series): Psycho Killer by Talking Heads and 4 Paredes by The Volture.

— FtrSaroth

Preview of Fury by FtrSaroth


jrdsctt is a digital artist and photographer from Minneapolis, Minnesota. He’s known for his illusory glitch art and photography manipulations. With his artwork, jrdsctt transforms everyday moments and people into hazy surrealist dream-state scenes.

He will be debuting a never-before-seen creation, wave goodbye, for this exhibition.

The digital age is an endless sea of content and 1’s and 0’s. Endless waves, coming and going. Wave goodbye. Now I’m nothing.


Preview of wave goodbye by jrdsctt

Joe Chiappetta

Joe Chiappetta is an award-winning cartoonist turned digital artist based in Southern California. He is best known for his Silly Daddy cartoon series, which explores the everyday idiosyncrasies of being a father in today’s world. Chiappetta has played a pioneering role in the arts world and has been at the forefront of the Independent Comics Publishing Movement, as well as the Crypto-Art and Rare Digital Art Movement.

Chiappetta’s art often contains analysis on the current state of society, which are illustrated and emphasized through bold colors and a playful animation style.

Every complex ecosystem comes with many diverse and rapidly operating parts. It is a fragile balance. Think of one button in a video game arcade. Remove that button from the game, and game play is ruined.

Joe Chiappetta

Preview of The Art-Arcade Atmosphere on Blockchain by Joe Chiappetta

We are beyond excited to spotlight our Ambassadors and their fantastic artwork in this exhibition. Keep an eye on our Twitter and Discord channel for more details as the date approaches.

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