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Pxlpet: From Closet Artist to Pixel Art Legend

Pxlpet is a digital pixel artist born in Russia, and raised in Germany. He has been drawing and collecting art for as long as he can remember. His talent shone through even in his childhood doodles. One such doodle was selected to be printed on a postcard, landing him his first official feature as a kindergartener artist. As a child, he was inspired by monsters and otherworldly creatures — the kind you’d see on Pokemon and Dragon Ball Z.

This childhood interest in the arts eventually developed into a love for graffiti and street art brought on by his passion for hip-hop culture. Pxlpet reminisces of his teenage days, sketching graffiti on paper, his favorite rap songs playing in the background and inspiring his work.

Hip-hop and street art still play an important role in his creations today. During this time, Pxlpet’s relationship with art was more one-sided: He was not yet ready to share his artwork with the world, and his time spent creating was made up of private, personal moments of self-expression.

I want to protect that thing that I found to be unlimited freedom to me. Specifications or work orders don’t make sense to me in the art context.

— Pxlpet

After taking a short break from the arts, Pxlpet emerged back on the scene — this time drawing inspiration from the graphic design and gaming worlds. Pxlpet has no formal arts education, and wants to keep it that way. Living in a small German town, Pxlpet had limited exposure to other artists, so he turned to the internet art community. This eventually manifested into cartoon character creations and the classic pixel art style that we know and love.

Pixel Art With Personality

My goal is to improve my simplicity so much, that despite the simplicity it becomes difficult to copy. A lot of good things usually come very simply into our lives.

— Pxlpet

His style is intentionally simplistic with identity prioritized over detail. Each of his characters possesses a strong personality and tells a story without the constraints of realism. With his pixel art, Pxlpet hopes to capture and refine a minimalist style that features as few pixels as possible. With his pixel characters, Pxlpet hopes to recreate the childhood excitement of collecting exciting new toys.

He is inspired by cartoons, particularly those you would find during the good old days of Looney Toons, Cartoon Network and Nickelodeon. Music and the various mood it inspires continues to influence Pxlpet’s work as well. Pxlpet is fascinated by philosophies of Buddhism which helps him stay focused and improve his artwork.

Pxlpet’s artwork is fresh and new. He has an eye for trends and his artwork always reflects this. Many artists shy away or scoff at the idea of being “mainstream”, but not Pxlpet. His art embraces mainstream culture while still possessing its own unique style. His ultimate goal is to spread an uplifting, positive message to the masses through his art by slipping through the back door of the mainstream internet art world. The more people to see and connect with his art, the better.

In this regard, Pxlpet has definitely achieved success, with his artwork continuously selling out in record speeds and the number of die-hard Pxlpet fans expanding with each release. In addition to internet art, Pxlpet spreads his creative message by distributing stickers with his creations on them.


With this creation, I was thinking how would a pxlpet Desktop look like? How would a pxlpet behave with the mouse when a virus shows up? How can I showcase the pxlpet world in a way the collectors haven’t seen it yet?

— Pxlpet

An evolutionary artwork within the Pxlpet universe, PXLPET — NOT A VIRUS, is one of the first Pxlpet creations with movement and sound of this level. With this creation, Pxlpet hopes to show viewers a new side of his pxlpet characters that they have not seen before. While the colors and pixel animation echo his classic style, Pxlpet utilized the tool “After Effects” to add more motion and as a result a deeper storytelling element than his past artworks.

This creation takes viewers on a journey full of surprises and plot twists. Pay close attention, or you may be tricked!

Editions: One
Pricing: Only Accepting Offers

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A Static Preview of THIS IS NOT A VIRUS by Pxlpet

Pirate Sheep’s artwork is currently being shown at the MakersPlace VR Art Gallery in Cryptovoxels until July 9th, 2020.

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