Rudbeckia — Pirate Sheep

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Pirate Sheep

Pirate Sheep is a Croatian 3D digital artist who spends her summers by the seaside. Growing up with a sailor father, who she describes as “a painter at heart”, Pirate Sheep and her two sisters were exposed to many wonders of the world and various forms of art from an early age. She credits an upbringing filled with the arts, specifically cartoons, sketchbooks, heavy metal comics supplied by her father and the influence of her sisters, Tea and Ana, for making her the artist she is today.

Basically, if the three of us were PowerPuff girls our ingredients would be pencils, games, and cartoon cassettes. Round that up with a heap of sea salt and BAM, the Schwestern sisters emerge.

Pirate Sheep

Pirate Sheep began her journey as an artist with sketching and creating comic books. Her talent was evident, leading to her winning a few awards during her early art days. She was also accepted into a prominent art school in Croatia’s capital city Zagreb, which is where she became introduced to 3D art.

Since then, she’s become a force to be reckoned with in the world of 3D and VR art (along with her sister Tea, who learned and experimented in this new world alongside Pirate Sheep). Pirate Sheep describes her initial style as “experimental chaos.” She’s been involved in a number of “digital art waves”, such as Vapor Wave and Pastel Art, each contributing to her style as a creator today. As time went on, Pirate Sheep honed her technical skills and found her digital “tool kit” resulting in the unique, clearly defined style we see today.

Pirate Sheep’s work combines various elements of digital art, including animation, 3D rendering, and sound to create artwork with a sci-fi meets surrealism vibe.


Of course I don’t know what a flower feels, other than the joy of bathing in the sunlight perhaps. I worked on this piece by putting my own perspective in place of a flower, which was a key ingredient for instant drama.

Pirate Sheep

Rudbeckia is inspired by the flower by the same name, which thrives in environments rich in sunlight. For this creation, Pirate Sheep took on the perspective of a Rudbeckia flower: Growing, basking, and moving with the sun while observing the shade from a distance.

A day in the life of a Rudbeckia is expressed through fluid motion, abstracted shapes, bright colors, and Croatian dark electronic music. This creation is more than your average artwork — it’s an immersive story and sensory experience.

Editions: One
Pricing: Only Accepting Offers

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Still Preview of Rudbeckia by Pirate Sheep

Pirate Sheep’s artwork is currently being shown at the MakersPlace VR Art Gallery in Cryptovoxels until July 7th, 2020.

Pirate Sheep’s Awards and Accomplishments:

2011— First place in State high school graphic novel competition, Croatia.

2015 — Special Rector’s award, Student Opera, HNK (Croatian National Theatre) and Grand Theatre; The Wrong — New Digital Art Biennale, Exhibition and artist talk, Osijek.

2016 — SwS Collaboration with Silvio Vujicic, E.A. 1/1 S.V. Silicone S1 Fluorescent Series, Zagreb; Exhibited artwork, Inqinc/OC-FC Osijek.

2017 — Exhibited artwork, GMK, Croatia; “Tijelo na Mreži” exhibition with Vedran Gligo, Striegl gallery, Sisak; Animation screening of MSU facade, Animafest. Museum of Contemporary Art Zagreb; Superchief Gallery NY, Digital work exhibition of SwS by Felt Zine, New York; Film screening in San Francisco, video for Exploring the Margins of Gender and Sexuality; PlayCo. Summit; screening of the “Black Metal Artist” performance documentation.

2018 — Masters degree in Animation and New Media, with Latin honors cum laude for exceptional achievements and praise of academy council; Exhibited VR work with artist talk at AKC Attack, Zagreb; Horror vacui: Halloween multimedia pop-up project. Exhibited work at R3a Galery.

2019 — Dance with the Devil, exhibition with Tea Strazicic and Ittah Yoda; VR art developer for Ittah Yoda’s solo exhibition in Sprout Curation, Tokyo; Endémico versus Global proyecto, Mexico. Digital print exhibited; Solo VR exhibition EVGENIA308, VN Gallery, Zagreb; VR piece EVGENIA308 exhibited at Animafest, Zagreb; VR piece EVGENIA308 exhibited at the Glowing Globe festival,Rijeka, Croatia; Game demonstration and audiovisual performance What If We Made A Video • • Game And It Was Like Dark Souls And All The Characters Were Artists (WIWMAVGAIWLDSAATCWA) Extravagant Body, Extravagant Love festival, Zagreb.

2020 — Performed WIWMAVGAIWLDSAATCWA at SonicActs, Amsterdam.

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