We’re excited to unveil new original artworks by Pirate Sheep and Pxlpet. All works are original and exclusively created and offered through MakersPlace.

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6/30 — Pirate Sheep

Pirate Sheep — Dropping 6/30 🔥

Pirate Sheep is a Croatian 3D digital artist who spends her summers by the seaside. Growing up with a sailor father, who was a painter at heart, Pirate Sheep and her two sisters were exposed to many wonders of the world and various forms of art from an early age. She credits this upbringing and the influence of her sister for making her the artist she is today.

She’s become a force to be reckoned with in the world of 3D and VR art. Pirate Sheep describes her initial style as “experimental chaos” but as time went on and she honed her skills and defined her digital “tool kit”. Today her work combines various elements of digital art, including animation, 3D rendering, and sound to create artwork with a sci-fi meets surrealism vibe.


Rudbeckia is a inspired by the flower by the same name, which thrives in environments rich in sunlight. For this creation, Pirate Sheep took on the perspective of a Rudbeckia flower: Growing, basking, and moving with the sun.

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Preview of Rudbeckia by Pirate Sheep

Pxlpet — Dropping 07/02🔥

Pxlpet is a digital pixel artist born in Russia, raised in Germany. He has been drawing and collecting art for as long as he can remember. What started out as childhood doodles developed into a love for graffiti and street art brought on by his passion for hip-hop culture. After taking a short break from the arts, Pxlpet emerged back on the scene — this time drawing inspiration from the gaming world. This eventually manifested into cartoon character creations and the classic pixel art style that we know and love.

His style is intentionally simplistic, with identity prioritized over detail. Each of his characters possesses a strong personality and tells a story without the constraints of realism. His goal is to spread a message to the masses through his art by slipping through the back door of the “mainsteam” internet art world.


An evolutionary artwork within the Pxlpet universe, NOT A VIRUS, is one of the first Pxlpet creations with movement. This creation takes viewers on a journey full of surprises and plot twists. Pay close attention, or you may be tricked!

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Preview of NOT A VIRUS by Pxlpet

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