Crypto Combat — Javier Arrés x Katy Arrington

We’re excited to unveil a brand new original collaboration from Javier Arrés and Katy Arrington. This is a special release in celebration of our gallery grand opening in Decentraland and is offered exclusively through MakersPlace.

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Javier Arrés and Katy Arrington

Javier Arrés is a world-renowned motion / GIF artist and a 2019 London Art Biennale winner based in Motril, Spain. Arrés finds inspiration within the sweeping views from his childhood home overlooking his hometown and the beautiful architecture within it.

Arrés is known for his manically detailed illustrations of fantastical scenery highlighting cities, architecture and machines. He brings these worlds to life through what he calls “Visual Toys”. Through these Visual Toys, Arres invites the viewer into a fantastical world, inspiring the viewer to simply play with their imaginations. These “Visual Toys” are highly sought after and sell at record speeds and prices.

Katy Arrington is a well-known illustrator and digital painter based in Jakarta, Indonesia. She has gained a bit of a cult following for her anime style girls who vary in style from cute and kawaii, to eerie and evil.

She’s had an arguably tumultuous relationship with art, and even quit all together in her mid-twenties. But, lucky for us, her passion for art remained strong, and ultimately lead to her not only returning to the art world, but achieving great success within it. When she is not creating, Arrington is helping to share knowledge with other artists on how to make it big in the art world.

Crypto Combat

Curious on how the two artists’ distinct styles were going to meld to create a new piece of art, Javier sketched an initial idea to incorporate Katy’s character illustrations into his universe. Crypto Combat was realized!

-Javier Arrés and Katy Arrington

Arrington’s classic painted characters are accentuated with Arrés signature animation style. The result being an out of this world arcade game that allows users to pick their fighters (Ethereum vs Bitcoin) and watch them duke it out in a Mortal Kombat inspired scene. This creation also pays homage to the well-known crypto collector Whaleshark and his $Whale currency.

Each individual fight frame was digitally painted by Arrington, and brought to life with Arrés dynamic, intricate animation style. A creation you could stare at for hours and continue to make new discoveries.

Editions: One
Pricing: Only Accepting Offers

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Static Preview of Crypto Combat by Javier Arrés and Katy Arrington — Click to see full artwork

This artwork is being showcased in our newly launched Decentraland gallery along with an exclusive live auction, held following the artwork’s drop.

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