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Vache Morte

My ability to cross mediums and intertwine them coherently is what could make me stand out. I am a storyteller. That could be expressed into every piece I create. -Vache Morte

Vache Morte is a man of many talents: Besides being a digital artist, he is an internationally acclaimed composer, producer, performer, and videographer. He’s created about 250 musical pieces and wrote, produced and directed a full feature film, The Juju Gum Conspiracy. He’s owned various art galleries and spaces over the years, and has been running a TV production company in Montreal, Canada for the past ten years.

His introduction to the world of digital arts occurred in the 90s through his exposure to cinema, which at the time was experiencing a digital revolution of its own. Witnessing the possibilities that digital film and camera held for creativity, Vache Morte began exploring this new medium, and the rest was history.

Diving in this new direction, he learned editing software for various arts like video, music, and photography. This is a tool which has played a large role in the artwork he creates today.

The digital creations of Vache Morte are dark, edgy and dystopian. Old school sci-fi and Japanese animation are life long fascinations that manifest themselves in his art today. He is also passionate about evoking emotion with sound — cinema soundtracks in particular often make an appearance in his digital creations. His artwork consistently marries mediums of visual art with intentional musical accompaniments.


Artificial intelligence already takes part of our lives daily, either when you do a search online, get recommended results or contents.

My reflection on AI leans towards control, censorship, and a direction to a utopian existence that is controlled by or involving AI in some sort of nefarious way. That was my state of mind when I created this piece.

— Vache Morte

His inaugural MakersPlace creation, IN THE HEART OF HEMOGLOBIN CITY, summarizes Vache Morte’s dynamic style and craft as a digital artist. Vache Morte aimed to create a moving painting, that differed from your typical video in its limited expressions and automated, robotic movements.The story is defined by the sculpting of light and shadows.

This shifting painting shows viewers what a day in the Hemoglobin City looks like: A dystopian universe made up of blood cells and an AI supervisor. An artwork and story that is sure to leave viewers asking themselves… what if?

Editions: One
Pricing: Only Accepting Offers

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In the inter-dimensional depths of the untapped psyche reside curious species of metaphoric squids. With special and sophisticated equipment, we were able to capture the rare annual migration of this little known fauna.

-Vache Morte

The deepest depths of the oceans hold wonders we can only imagine… until now. THE MARCH OF THE SQUIDS, an exclusive collaboration with fellow digital artist ElGeko, allows viewers to peek into the secret lives of psychedelic squids.

Fluid movement, translucent forms, and electric pulses of subdued neons collide in this dance of the fauna. A hypnotizing artwork with constant movement and flow, tempts the viewer to carefully trace each step of the fauna.

Editions: One
Pricing: Only Accepting Offers

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Laces of visions. They originate from a memorial tradition of now lost technology. You can stare into them and see your future and past lives. As the visions materialize, the Clerical laces dissipate to hide knowledge that must remain hidden.

-Vache Morte

The past and the future collide in CLERICAL LACES. An intricate depiction of ancestral technological knowledge, the lace is highly detailed. Some of the sacred lace comes front and center, spinning for all to see and absorb, while others remain hidden representing knowledge too sacred to pass on. It moves fast and if you don’t pay attention you may miss your chance.

Despite a somewhat soothing monochromatic palette, extreme light variations give this piece a feeling of intensity and importance.

Editions: One
Pricing: Only Accepting Offers

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Vache Morte’s artwork is currently being shown at the MakersPlace VR Art Gallery in Cryptovoxels until July 1st, 2020.

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