The Lady and the Dragon — Andrew Ferrer

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Andrew Ferrer

I believe that in the end, the message in art is most important. To me art is a form of communication. To communicate what you can’t communicate with words, but instead make a deep impression of what you’re trying to say with a painting, an image or a sculpture. — Andrew Ferrer

Andrew Ferrer is a digital artist based in Stockholm, Sweden. He was exposed to the world of digital creation through his father who was a 3D designer at a video game company. Visiting his father’s work and witnessing the creation of a variety of 3D characters brought on a strong interest in digital art and character creation within Ferrer. This interest quickly developed into an undying passion, leading to Ferrer diving into the digital arts world head on.

Much of Ferrer’s work is inspired by an exploration of human expression. Ferrer is fascinated by the way a simple expression is capable of revealing an intricate story. He taps into this fascination in many ways — In addition to his 3D digital creations, Ferrer examines expression through drawing, sculpting and acting. His goal as a multi-disciplinary artist is to communicate with his audience messages that can not be expressed in words.

The Lady and the Dragon

The physical aspects of life are full of limits, confinements and boundaries. Love, however, has no bounds.

— Andrew Ferrer

In The Lady and the Dragon, Ferrer steps away from his signature surrealist style and into a world of dreams and fantasy — A world where anything is possible and love dominates all. A story with no words, Ferrer’s passion for emotion and expression continues to shine through even in his newest style.

This artwork differs from his previous pieces in its light and airy aesthetic. Everything from the color to the light variation to the composition of the piece itself, is meant to induce feelings of happiness and joy in the viewer. The message of this creation is one of love, hope and believing in the impossible.

Editions: One
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The Lady and the Dragon by Andrew Ferrer

Andrew Ferrer’s artwork is currently being shown at the MakersPlace VR Art Gallery in Cryptovoxels until June 30th, 2020.

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