Upcoming Drops — Animatttic, Vakseen and David Loblaw

We’re excited to unveil new original artworks by Animatttic, Vakseen and David Loblaw. All works are original and exclusively created and offered through MakersPlace.

Drop Dates

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6/9 — Animatttic
6/10 — Vakseen
6/11 — David Loblaw

Animatttic — Dropping 6/9🔥

Animatttic is an engineer/architect turned digital artist based in London. During his engineering studies, he discovered a passion for 3D spaces. He later pursued a degree in Architecture, which opened his eyes to his love of all things art. Today, Animatttic lives and breathes art, and dreams of one day turning his artwork into physical walk through exhibitions and mind bending experiences.

He classifies his style as contemporary minimalism. Architecture and engineering remain important sources of inspiration and interest for him, along with philosophy and ontology. Animatttic finds meaning in everything, a mantra often expressed in his creations. Vibrancy and various shades of the color spectrum are central characteristics of his artwork.

jelē fiSH

At this stage I feel like a jellyfish, becoming self aware and evolving into something previously not believed possible. That’s what this piece symbolizes. Floating through space, and things are coming together. An awakening.


The bobbing jellyfish symbolizes us as human beings riding the constant, unpredictable waves of life. It is darker in color, and arguably in feeling, than Animatttic’s previous artworks. Flashes of purple pulsate against a deep background to illustrate the ups and downs one may feel as they navigate through the waters of life.

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Early Preview of jelē fiSH by Animatttic

Vakseen — Dropping 6/10 🔥

Vakseen is an acclaimed digital artist and painter with a musical past. He resides in Los Angeles where he’s experienced major success as both a music producer and visual creator. His artwork has been exhibited around the world and featured in many famed publications.

Vakseen is best known for two different styles: One is his “Pop Pop Collection” series of pop culture icons such as Prince, 2Pac, Beyonce, and Jay-Z. His other signature style has been coined “Vanity Pop” and consists of distinct, vibrant, photorealistic portraits that give the illusion of a collage, but are actually completely hand-painted. These portraits are a celebration of diversity and the acute imperfections and endless perfections every woman possesses.

Empty Promises

“Empty Promises” represents being BOLD. She represents dreaming BIG and grabbing life by the hand to create your own narrative. She represents living life to the fullest and overcoming ALL obstacles while learning from past mistakes. She inspires CHANGE.


“Empty Promises” is a unique, one of a kind collage that was birthed during and inspired by the coronavirus quarantines. Breaking away from his usual Vanity Pop style, Vakseen created a traditional, old-school style collage while still managing to maintain his signature feminine pop art aesthetic. Each section of this artwork tells a story of facing hardships, and more importantly overcoming them.

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Early Preview of Empty Promises by Vakseen

David Loblaw — Dropping 6/11 🔥

David Loblaw is an internationally recognized digital artist who splits his time between Playa del Carmen, Mexico and Toronto, Canada. He was essentially born into the arts: Both his parents were artists who met in art college, thereby instilling an innate sense of creativity within David. For as long as he can remember, he’s been passionate about creating through digital platforms. Starting as a graphic designer, he eventually found his way into the world of rare digital art.

Loblaw’s style is constantly changing, thereby making it difficult to label or describe. However, he has become well-known for his digital landscapes which have a certain impressionist quality to them. He particularly enjoys experimenting with photo manipulation, textures, colors, and eliciting certain moods with his creations.

Soul Sister

There is so much feeling in this image, I love the tones you can get from a single spot-light image when the angles are just right.

David Loblaw

David Loblaw’s latest release “Soul Sister” is part of a series of portraitures that explore feelings, shapes, and shadows through color. With these series, Loblaw aims to mimic the effect of the “under-painting” that is typically found in classical painting techniques. By creating digital layers, Loblaw is able to add an additional dimension to an already beautiful portrait. But the layering does not end there: Loblaw also placed a number of hidden symbols, or “Easter Eggs” within the artwork — You will have to look closely to find them and interpret their meaning.

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Early Preview of Soul Sister by David Loblaw

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