Infusion — Dick Gillman

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Dick Gillman

My way of working is unique. It develops at each touch, and the boundaries are my imagination and how I manipulate the images.

-Dick Gillman

Dick Gillman is a digital artist with a science background. Although he formally pursued physics and educational IT, creating art has always been a central part of Gillman’s life.

A digital pioneer in his own respect, Gillman spent 25 years as a teacher with a keen interest in computer art in the UK. He’s been creating art on computers for almost as long as personal computers have been around. Gillman was drawn to digital art because it allowed for a creative freedom and expression that was impossible to achieve with traditional art mediums. Technology allows Gillman to take his work to the next level.

Following his teaching retirement, Gillman relocated with his wife to the idyllic coastal region of Brittany, France. Instantly inspired by the movement of the waters that now surrounded him, Gillman began experimenting with acrylic flow painting and watercolors in an attempt to capture the powerful fluidity of the sea. This inspiration carried over to his digital palette, where he began to dabble in the world of image manipulation. Strong waves of movement and color became notable elements within his work.

High contrast, defined boundaries, mechanisms and linearity are important characteristics of Gillman’s art. Bold bands of colors are common and speak to influences from the Fauvism movement. Some of his creations also draw inspiration from the Constructivist or Impressionist movements. Recently, Gillman has been exploring Composite Art, incorporating photographic images into his art.

Gillman describes his overall style as “digital experimentalism” — He takes an almost scientific approach in his artistic process, where novel mediums and methods are tested and dissected resulting in exciting new creations outside the realm of what most viewers are used to.


“An animated painting that seeks to show a transition, a gathering of color from an area of ultimate darkness towards the light.”

— Dick Gillman

Infusion, Gillman’s first artwork on MakersPlace, is quite different from his past creations. Known for his vibrant colors, bold boundaries and high contrast, Gillman took a much more delicate approach with this creation. Pastel tendrils flow freely away from a velvet black backdrop to congregate in a collision of light and color. Animation brings the piece to life, allowing viewers to follow these tendrils on their journey from darkness to light. Blurred boundaries, connectivity, and fluidity come together in this exploration of transitions.

Editions: One
Pricing: Only Accepting Offers

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Static preview of Infusion by Dick Gillman — Click to view full artwork

Dick Gillman’s newest artwork and his full collection is currently being shown at the MakersPlace VR Art Gallery in Cryptovoxels until June 3rd, 2020.

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