Upcoming Drops — Dick Gillman and Trevor Jones

We’re excited to unveil an exciting line-up of new original artworks this week by Dick Gillman and Trevor Jones, both first time creators on MakersPlace. All works are original and exclusively created and offered through MakersPlace.

Drop Dates

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5/27 — Dick Gillman
5/28— Trevor Jones

Dick Gillman — Dropping 5/27 🔥

Dick Gillman is a digital artist with a background in physics and information technology. Following a 25 year career as a teacher with a keen interest in computer art in the UK, Gillman and his wife moved to a coastal town in the Brittany region of France. Inspired by the movement of the sea, he began to dabble in acrylic flow and watercolor painting. His work eventually took a digital turn when he began experimenting with image manipulation software on mobile devices.

Gillman describes his style as digital experimentalism: Using his digital tools in novel ways has allowed Gillman to explore various creative techniques and create works that push the limits of traditional software creation. Bright bands of vibrant colors speak to the influence of the Fauvism movement on his work. His work also contains elements of Constructivism and Impressionism, and is highly influenced by his experiences in the world of science.


Gillman’s newest artwork on MakersPlace is a step away from his usual high-contrast, bold style. Pastel tendrils of color delicately flow from darkness to light through a tiny channel. In this creation, Gillman explores transitions, connections, and magnetism through the convergence of color.

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Preview of Infusion by Dick Gillman

Trevor Jones — Dropping 5/28 🔥

Trevor Jones is an acclaimed artist and teacher who was born in Canada, and now resides in Edinburgh, Scotland. He taught drawing and painting for seven years at Leith School of Art for 7 years and acted as director of the national charity Art in Healthcare for six years. His artwork has been shown in galleries across the UK, and since entering the CryptoArt space he’s exhibited in Hong Kong, San Francisco, London and more.

His introduction to digital art was prompted by a fascination with QR codes: He began creating giant QR codes with oil paint on canvas. This manifested into an exploration of augmented reality, and the possibilities it holds for unconventional artwork.

Jones’ style is constantly evolving, but is consistently influenced by the combination of his classical fine arts training and interest in all things tech. Through his artwork, Jones hopes to successfully bridge the tradition of painting with the dynamic world of digital art.

All That Remains

His newest artwork on MakersPlace, All That Remains, is an emotionally charged creation that holds a deep sentimental value for Jones. Inspired by the Scottish indie rock song, “Swim Until You Can’t See Land”, this artwork is a digital rendering of the first painting ever sold on the opening night of his debut commercial gallery exhibition. Jones applied new techniques and a digital perspective to retell this important story.

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Preview of All That Remains by Trevor Jones

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