Virtual Scavenger Hunt — Rules & Hints

Welcome to our Virtual Scavenger Hunt!

Please find all the rules, questions and hints below. We hope you have fun and learn more about these amazing digital artists. The scavenger hunt will run throughout the weekend of the Virtual Rare Art Festival — 2020.

The Rules

  1. Find the answers to the 4 questions provided in the “Questions” section below. Don’t forget to read our hints!
  2. DM your answers to us on Twitter (makersplaceco) or on Discord.
  3. An Admin will verify your answers and provide you with the last and final question.
  4. First two winners will take home a rare digital artwork by one of these 3 leading digital artists: Daniel Ignacio, Debbie Hong and KrikCO.
  5. All other participants will be entered into a drawing, to win the 3rd and final artwork.

The Questions

  1. Name this piece by Katy Arrington that features a prominent alt-coin named after a popular internet meme.
  2. Name this piece by Osinachi, that challenges the cultural norms surrounding the clothes we wear.
  3. Name one featured piece by this Costa-Rican artist who’s known for their distinct style, creating mythical homes that we dream of as children.
  4. Name this featured piece, by Canadian-American surrealist David Loblaw, which coincidentally features the namesake of a prominent rare digital art collector.


  1. All answers can be found by browsing the artists and artworks on display in our exhibit The Prelude, currently showing at the OneBC Gallery in Cryptovoxels.
  2. Click on the artwork to view more details, such as the artwork description. You can also trying searching for the artist directly on MakersPlace.

The Prizes

Third Life by Daniel Ignacio

Edition of One
View full artwork >>

Butterflies Gathering by Debbie Hong

Edition of One
View full artwork >>

Aurora by KrikCO

Edition of One
View full artwork >>

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