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Javier Arrès

Last month we featured world-renowned motion and GIF artist Javier Arrés and his newest artwork Crypto Toy Coin. Javier Arrés is a Spanish artist with an exceptionally unique style: He specializes in “Visual Toys” consisting of intricate illustrations, which he brings to life with animation. An acclaimed international illustrator and GIF creator, Arrès has been the recipient of many prestigious awards, including the 2019 London Art Biennale and Illustration People’s Choice Award.

Arrès has been creating visual art in various forms since the age of 11. On the quest for his calling, explored an education in Fine Arts but was quickly deterred due to the lack of creative freedom. His path eventually led him to pursue an education in graphic design and multimedia production, acting as his formal introduction to the world of rare digital art. Arrès’ distinctive style is the result of years of hard work and constant exploration.

Javier Arrès’ style can be described as hyper-detailed, surrealist animation. Spanish architecture, specifically from the cities of Granada and Alhambra, plays a powerful role in the conception of Arrés’ fantastical environments. Arrès’ work also includes traces of inspiration from Terry Gilliam’s Monty Python animations, steampunk food, neon lights, science-fiction surrealism, video games and hypnoting effects.

“Drawing, imagination, composition and, above all, absolute creative freedom are the key elements within my process”

— Javier Arrès

Visual Toys

Javier Arrès signature Visual Toys have developed a cult-like following within the Rare Digital Art community and are often the center of high-price bidding wars.

Last month, Arrés’ Visual Toy and first-ever crypto-inspired piece, Crypto Toy Coin, was auctioned at MakersPlace. The piece quickly garnered the interest of collectors, and went on to sell to CollectibleArt_C4A for 13.2 ETH (~$2045), Arrés’ single largest sale as a Rare Digital Artist.

Crypto Toy Coin by Javier Arrés — Last Sold for 13.2 ETH (~$2045)

Another example of the popularity of Arrés’ Toys, is The Wonderful Happy Sneakers Factory which was showcased at the 1st GIF Festival in Asia in 2017 and was recently purchased by collector Moderats for 12 ETH (~$2567).

The Investor’s Dream

“In this magical, happy and colorful dream, aspirations of all kinds intermingle in a visual wonderland for the Crypto HODLer.”

The newest in his collection of crypto-inspired Visual Toys, this piece continues on from Crypto Toy Coin to share the perspective of the crypto investor. It offers a glimpse into the hopes and aspirations of crypto investors, as they embark on their journey into a crypto wonderland.

Editions: One
Pricing: Only Accepting Offers

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Javier Arrés’ newest piece is currently being showcased at our latest Rare Digital Art exhibit, The Prelude, showcased at the OneBC gallery in Cryptovoxels. Visit the exhibit!

Static Version of The Investors Dream by Javier Arrés (Click to view full artwork)

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