Dook — Javier Pèrez

We’re excited to unveil a new original artwork by Javier Pérez aka Cintascotch, offered exclusively through MakersPlace.

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Javier Pèrez

Javier Pérez is a digital artist from Guayaquil, Ecuador. A fascination with the intricacies of everyday life, and desire to capture and connect with them led to a number of creative endeavors during his childhood years. He created: comic strips, magazines, wallets, toys, and homemade TV productions.

Creations came to a halt following the tragic death of Pèrez’s father. He was forced to grow up quickly and help carry the load of his family’s finances. Pain and stress stifled his desire to create, but luckily this creative block was temporary. A few years later, Pèrez dove back into the graphic design scene full force, gaining international and local recognition.

“We are all born creative, some of us just lose it as we become adults.”

Pèrez’s focus has always been on harnessing a childlike intensity and creativity within his artwork. He looks at the world through a youthful lens, finding beauty and excitement in everyday objects often overlooked by the average adult.

He describes his illustration style as minimalist, and pulls inspiration from illustrator Marta Altés, as well as surrealists Salvador Dalí and Renee Magritte. Exploring and combining different mediums, such as stop-motion animation, helps Pèrez bring his pieces to life.

The minimalist aesthetic of Pèrez’s work is a revolution against the oversaturated nature of today’s world. His goal is to reunite viewers with their inner child enabling them to view the world, and common objects within it, in different ways.

Today we’re excited to introduce Javier Pérez’s latest original artwork, Dook, alongside two other artworks Book Bed and Dandebook. This series, centered around books, plays as an ode to Pèrez’s father, who was an avid reader and filled the family’s home with books of all sorts. Using a combination of stop motion animation and minimalist illustration, Pèrez transforms ordinary books into vessels of exploration and new perspectives.


Pérez’s newest piece, Dook, personifies the words of a story with hand-drawn, frame-by-frame illustrations. The title, Dook, combines the words door/book to emphasize the role books serve as doors into an author’s mind or character’s life. The illustrated portrait in Dook comes alive as you flip the pages and make your way deeper into the book.

“During my childhood I always saw books in my house because my father used to read a lot.The books are very special to me because they remind me of him.

Each book we read is a door into the writer’s mind, into his point of view.

I took this thought literally to create this artwork.”
— Javier Pèrez

Editions: One
Pricing: Only Accepting Offers

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Preview of Dook by Javier Pérez — Click above to see complete artwork

Book Bed

Books within a book: In Book Bed, Pèrez illustrates the comfort he finds in books by nestling his cozy bedtime readers inside of one.

“A book before sleep, before dream”
— Javier Pérez

Editions: One
Pricing: Only Accepting Offers

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Preview of Book Bed by Javier Pèrez — Click above to see complete artwork


This whimsical animation and minimalist illustration of Dandebook speaks to the notion that anything is possible when you are reading.

“Make a wish or read a book”
— Javier Pèrez

Editions: One
Pricing: Only Accepting Offers

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Preview of Dandebook by Javier Pèrez — Click above to see complete artwork

Javier Pèrez’s artworks are currently being shown at the MakersPlace VR Art Gallery in Cryptovoxels until May 20th, 2020.

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