Upcoming Drops — Javier Pérez and Debbie Hong x Dan Forlenza

We’re excited to unveil an exciting line-up of new original artworks this week by Javier Pérez and a first-ever collaboration between Debbie Hong and Dan Forlenza. All works are original and exclusively created and offered through MakersPlace.

Drop Dates

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5/13 — Debbie Hong x Dan Forlenza
5/14— Javier Pérez

Debbie Hong x Dan Forlenza — Dropping 5/13 🔥

Debbie Hong is a traditional fine artist turned digital artist from South Korea, now residing in London, UK as a broadcast graphic designer. Her style is a mix of abstract shapes and dynamic colors which together portray graphical illustrations with an air of mysticism. Influenced by the De Stijl Dutch art movement, her works convey simplicity with unquestionable depth.

Dan Forlenza is a digital artist from Woodstock, New York who’s works can commonly be seen as a complete visual experience, and always thought provoking. His styles include surrealism and pop surrealism, and is influenced by the the works of Dali, Girogio de Chirico and Rene Magritte.

Crypto Eye

This first-ever collaboration marries the signature abstract illustrations and colors by Hong with the surreal composition and motion by Forlenza. Together the duo depicts the crypto world of tomorrow.

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Preview of Crypto Eye by Debbie Hong and Dan Forlenza

Javier Pérez — Dropping 5/14 🔥

Javier Pérez aka Cintascotch, is an acclaimed graphic designer and digital artist from Guayaquil, Ecuador. Pérez began his artistic journey painting, acrylic on canvas, but in 2012 he was unexpectedly inspired by Marta Altés, and her illustrations that incorporated pencil shavings. Since then Pérez has created his own unique style that transforms simple, everyday objects into something unexpected and beautiful.

Pérez’s works aim to reverse the ever-growing proliferation of digital media, by incorporating the physical and finding beauty and meaning in the objects around us. This new approach has grown into a world renown style, popularized by his project “Instagram Experiments” where he combines these real-world objects into his illustrations, garnering a following of 169K members worldwide.


Dook, a play on words, mixes Pérez’s signature illustrative style, which incorporates every day objects and stop motion to tell a deeply personal story regarding his love for books.

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Preview of Javier Perez’s latest stop motion artwork — Dook

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