Anatomy of the Humanoid — Frenetik Void

We’re excited to unveil new original artworks by Franco Verrascina aka Frenetik Void, offered exclusively through MakersPlace.

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Frenetik Void

Franco Verrascina (aka Frenetik Void) is an Argentinian digital artist from Buenos Aires. Having been connected to digital technology since early childhood due to his father’s relationship with software development, Frenetik Void was born out of his exploration into the digital arts.

Inspired by his fascination with the idea of creating worlds within games, Verrascina spent hours creating custom maps with games. Realizing he could create his own virtual environment through 3D design, it opened the path towards technical experimentation. So when the screens turned off, literally, and he saw his reflection, he scanned his head and body using a kinetic sensor, creating models which became expressions of himself.

His virtual humanoids were his first form of digital expression, taking inanimate virtual bodies and filling them with his emotions. Each one capturing specific moments of his life, these virtual bodies encompass his memories, struggles and personal joys — his life journal.

Today we’re excited to introduce two of his latest works in his Humanoid series. Detailing his humanoids in an anatomical and physiological concept, the pieces speak of scale and infinities, as each shell takes on the infinite depths of the human self.

Anatomy of the Humanoid

Though I first thought there was nothing beneath its shell, I discovered inside of it many doors that only kept opening.

How far can you go? Is there an end? What lies beyond?
— Frenetik Void

Editions: One
Pricing: Only Accepting Offers

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Anatomy of the Humanoid by Frenetik Void

Physiology of the Humanoid

Following Anatomy of the Humanoid’s logic, this work reflects on how I personally “use” these virtual bodies and how they behave in my virtual environments. I see it as a study for me to keep evolving this particular narrative into deeper realms. 
— Frenetik Void

Editions: 10
Pricing: Starting at 0.5 ETH, the price of each edition will increase with the sale of each piece.

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Physiology of the Humanoid by Frenetik Void

Frenetik Void’s newest artwork and his full collection is currently being shown at the MakersPlace VR Art Gallery in Cryptovoxels until May 13th, 2020.

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