ETH Trippin — Marko Zubak

We’re excited to unveil a new original artwork by Marko Zubak, offered exclusively through MakersPlace.

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Marko Zubak

Marko Zubak (aka MLIBTY) is a Croatian mixed-media artist known for his paintings, sculptures and photography but more recently his CryptoArt. As a long-time artist within the CryptoArt community, Zubak’s works have continually pushed the boundaries across many styles and mediums, making him a widely recognized figure in this new movement.

Zubak has long showcased his iconic Crypto Paper Toys on MakersPlace, which are rare digital blueprints for creating the actual physical paper toys. A concept ahead of its time in 2018, now comes full circle with his latest showpiece incorporating his Paper Toys into his first rare digital piece on MakersPlace.

ETH Trippin

ETH Trippin is a classical stop motion piece featuring Zubak’s iconic Crypto Paper Toy and guardian of the Ethereum blockchain — Sage of Ethereum. The Sage of Ethereum and this piece is intended to bring luck and fortune to those lucky enough to own it.

Always pushing the boundaries, with this piece, Zubak aims to reverse the philosophy of rare digital art being only digital, by incorporating real world elements. This is Zubak’s first-ever analogue animation on the blockchain.

A stop-motion animation made from various colored versions of Sage of Ethereum. Papertoys were made out of colored paper and each frame is a photo of a differently assembled figurine. It is said that Sage of Ethereum brings luck to holders of Ethereum. This is how it looks when Sage of Ethereum is trippin’ because the price of ETH is starting to go up. 
— Marko Zubak

Preview of ETH Trippin by Marko Zubak (Click to view full artwork)

Editions: One
Pricing: Only Accepting Offers

Note: The buyer of this artwork will be gifted an original Sage of Byzantium paper toy.

View Full Artwork>>

Marko Zubak’s newest artwork and his full collection of Crypto Paper Toys are currently being shown at the MakersPlace VR Art Gallery in Cryptovoxels until May 6th, 2020.

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