Upcoming Drops — Elephai and Carlos Marcial Torres

We’re excited to unveil new original artworks this week by two incredible 3D artists, Elephai and Carlos Marcial Torres, offering contrasting styles and perspectives, from sci-fi surrealism to whimsical realism. All works are original and exclusively created and offered through MakersPlace.

Drop Dates

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4/22 — Elephai
4/23 — Carlos Marcial Torres

Elephai — Dropping 4/22 🔥

Elephai is a 3D digital artist and graphic designer from Belgrade, Serbia. His unique style is best described as a mix of surrealism and sci-fi with a hint of playful humor. Elephai mentions early show and movies like the Adam’s Family, X-Files and District 9 as influences in his works as well as the art of the Renaissance period. An unlikely combination, yet these inspirations give way to completely original pieces that capture deep metaphors and concepts such as his series of works that play on the “abducted”, and the eery worlds and artifacts that remain for the viewer to interpret.


Done in his signature metaphorical style, Elephai’s new piece is a metaphor for the continual transformation and originality of his artistic expression. It tells of a new reality… no context, no time, but evidence of evolution and change.

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Preview of Metamorphosis by Elephai

Carlos Marcial Torres — Dropping 4/23 🔥

Carlos Marcial Torres is a Puerto Rican-Mexican 3D artist and contends to be one of the first digital artists to live off crypto art, fully committing to this new movement. His style is described as 3D realism influenced by the Latin American art movement, Magical Realism, where the real becomes inexorably linked to the supernatural world of everyday people’s beliefs.

The realism in his works comes from an obsessive search for finding better ways to achieve photo-realism, while capturing the whimsical, surreal and fantastical nature of his 3D renderings. His recent endeavor has been to unify these elements into perfected loops, creating a contrasting sense of fantastical realism with no bounds.

The Blockchain is the Message

Carlos Marcial Torres’ new original piece is the latest in his “Infinity Room” series and the culmination of his aesthetic research into the creation of perfectly looping blocks of architecture. It also serves as a metaphor for the very blocks within a blockchain, and the link between media and the blockchain.

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Preview of The Blockchain is the Message by Carlos Marcial Torres

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