Upcoming Drops — Reinhard Schmid and Katy Arrington

We’re excited to unveil brand new artworks this week by Reinhard Schmid and Katy Arrington, two of the most popular rare digital artists to date. All works are original and exclusively created and offered through MakersPlace.

Drop Dates

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4/15 — Katy Arrington
4/16 — Reinhard Schmid

Katy Arrington — Dropping 4/15 🔥

Katy Arrington is a digital painter based in Jakarta, Indonesia, whose works are inspired by the many forms of anime art from Kawaii (Japanese cuteness culture), to the beautiful and strange. Her works can be described as everything from beautiful, strange, cute, creepy, joyous and even twisted.

Katy has been a featured artist on MakersPlace since her foray into the world of rare digital art. Her works have been highly sought after by collectors for her unmistakable illustrative style, evoking raw emotions in a playful and fun tone. Katy’s past works include her first ever crypto-inspired artwork, BitcoinKitty, as well as her most recent collaboration with Vansdesign where she introduced her first animated piece, VR Girl.

“CryptoKitties” Series

Katy Arrington continues her series of “CryptoKitties”, which first started with BitcoinKitty. This original series of “CryptoKitties” shines a light on Katy’s journey down the crypto rabbit hole, through the lens of familiar cryptocurrencies and technologies.

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A preview of a new “CryptoKitty” by Katy Arrington

Reinhard Schmid — Dropping 4/16 🔥

Reinhard Schmid is a German-born, fine artist. His unique style commonly involves a laborious method of reverse glass painting know as Hinterglas, and spans both figurative and surreal works, that blend a whimsical and erotic feel with a touch of humor. Over the last 30 years Reinhard’s works have been showcased globally, including the New York Art Expo in the early 90s. Today, many of his physical artworks can be found in private collections and galleries across Europe, US and Japan.

Reinhard Schmid is also an early pioneer of Rare Digital Art. Since joining MakersPlace in 2018 as one of our first artists, his works quickly became widely recognized across the community and is one of the most sought after artists. Reinhard’s digital works commonly start from his vast collection of physical works, and involve an intricate digital re-mastering of the many layers and stages of his physical pieces, to bring to life a new meaning and narrative.

Book of Revelation

Reinhard’s newest piece is easily his most elaborate and intricate digital creation ever made. One can say that this piece is a culmination of every aspect of Reinhard’s artistic journey, giving way to a digital masterpiece. Like many of his rare digital artworks, this piece takes from his original hinterglas works and is intricately digitized, to create a piece inspired by the “Book of Revelation”, from the apocalypse of John. Reinhard contends that the inspiration for this piece came far before the current apocalyptic outlook of late, but is fitting and will undoubtedly strike a strong chord.

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Preview of Book of Revelation by Reinhard Schmid

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