Blockchain Dragon by David Sossella

We’re excited to unveil an original artwork, by David Sossella, offered exclusively through MakersPlace.

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David Sossella

David Sossella is an accomplished Italian-born illustrator and digital artist who over the last 18 years has created for some of the largest international brands from Ray-Ban, Hasbro, Disney, Monopoly and more. He’s currently the founder and creative director of Gusto Robusto.

Rare Print by David Sossella

David’s works are a culmination of a wide range of inspirations from Moebius, Miyazaki, M.C. Escher, to traditional Japanese culture, street art and science-fiction. His affinity towards these inspirations, noticeably the Japanese aesthetic, is apparent in his works as he beautifully blends these various forms. His works carry incredible depth from the narrative, composition and execution of his illustrations.

The Tiger and the Dragon, vector structure by David Sossella

Read more about David’s creative process, involved in creating his previous piece The Tiger and The Dragon, also available as a rare edition on MakersPlace.

Blockchain Dragon

Inspired by his recent introduction to the world of cryptocurrencies and blockchain, this piece features David’s signature Japanese-inspired creature design with incredible precision and depth. In this piece, David explores a method of digital painting giving the piece warmth and elegance, with deliberately noticeable brush strokes, simulating a familiar process to when he creates with pastels.

Blockchain Dragon by David Sossella

A huge dragon that monitors and feeds the blockchain with its inexhaustible energy. It could seem that the dragon is blocked by the chains that surround him. Instead, the dragon of the blockchain is made of pure energy and can move through the infinite network of chains without problems, protecting and keeping them in efficiency. Is he a lonely spirit or are there other creatures that animate the Blockchain? Surely, if there is a guardian there is also someone to beware of!! — David Sossella

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Showing Now at the MakersPlace VR Gallery in Cryptovoxels

David Sossella’s new works will be showcased at the MakersPlace VR Art Gallery from now until April 15th 2020.

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