MakersPlace + NonFungible — Charity Auction for #COVID19Relief

MakersPlace is a premier market for truly rare digital artworks — digital art where its authenticity and rarity is guaranteed by blockchain technology. Today we’re excited to partner with NonFungible to establish greater transparency and trust behind the rare digital artworks available on MakersPlace. NonFungible is a trusted leader in providing high-quality information about the best projects in the NFT space, we’re excited to be working together.

Charity Rare Digital Art Auction

To celebrate this partnership, this week we’re holding a Charity Art Auction, featuring the foremost rare digital artists, to raise awareness for the COVID-19 pandemic and lend support to those directly affected and the necessary support systems.

All proceeds will be donated to the Coronavirus Relief Fund at GlobalGiving which will go towards:

  • Sending doctors, nurses, and other front line responders to communities in need.
  • Getting masks, ventilators, and other lifesaving medical supplies to hospitals and clinics.
  • Delivering essential items to struggling families and older individuals in quarantined cities and refugee camps.
  • Feeding children that rely on school meals as their only source of nutrition.
  • Supporting hygiene awareness efforts, and more.

How to Participate

We’re excited to offer three ways to experience the digital artworks during the auction.

NonFungible MakersPlace Gallery

All artworks will be available for viewing and bidding at the NonFungible MakersPlace Gallery.

Browse from over 30 original artworks created exclusively to support COVID-19 Relief, including 5 commemorative NonFungible artworks by Dan Forlenza, David Loblaw, Mar E and Monfa.

View all Artworks >>

Virtual Reality

For the first time ever, for your “Shelter-in-Place” viewing pleasure, artworks will be featured simultaneously in two virtual realities, Cryptovoxels and Decentraland!


All artworks will be showcased at the MakersPlace VR Art Gallery in Cryptovoxels from now until April 3rd, 2020.

MakersPlace VR Gallery in Cryptovoxels

View in Cryptovoxels >>


Artworks will also be showcased in high fidelity at the ExitmusicDCL Gallery & Courtyard in Decentraland from now until April 3rd, 2020.

If you’re new to Decentraland, here are the instruction to follow:

ExitmusicDCL Gallery — /goto 23, -41

Start browsing, place a bid, and let’s fight COVID-19 together with Art!

A Special Thank You to the Artists

None of this would been possible without the incredible creativity, support and donations from the artists on MakersPlace. We’d like to thank all the following artists.

Please be sure to check out their online galleries and follow them to be notified when they publish new artworks.

Bard Ionson, Bit Errror, Brice Duncan, Chris Campbell, Daniel Ignacio, Dan Forlzena, David Loblaw, Fabi Yamada, Fabin Rasheed, Ferris Bullish, Fabiello, Gala Mirissa, Luis Buenaventura, Mar E, Mel Duarte, Mich, Monfa, Moxarra Gonzalez, Onefallart, Pastelcrypto, Paul Peterson, Reinhard Schmid, Richard Yates, Ricooouuuu, Ruth Allen, Tegar Siregar, Vansdesign, and Victor Duarte.

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