Black Hole Soul by Rare Designer

We’re excited to unveil a brand new and original artwork, by Rare Designer, offered exclusively through MakersPlace.

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Rare Designer

Rare Designer (aka Marvin Mejias) is a Venezuelan digital artist and one of the earliest creators of CryptoArt, first creating for the Rare Pepe Wallet project. His works broadly include conceptual, cyberpunk and comic art, which at times touch upon meme culture, drawing from his early successes creating Rare Pepe artworks.

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Black Hole Soul by Rare Designer

Rare Designer takes us on a completely new journey with his latest original piece. Black Hole Soul shies away from his signature cyberpunk / comic style and instead explores a deeply personal concept, expressing a deeper feeling.

“I’ve felt for some time that there are black holes that sometimes suck our energies. It can be through a problem or situation. Despite being in a fairly comfortable and often beautiful place, that black hole is still there.”

Rare Designer believes that everyone has their black holes that drain them of their energy. Even when in a state of comfort, the black holes are always there. The piece depicts a literal black hole absorbing beings, which represents our very identities.

Preview of Black Hole Soul (Click image to view full artwork)

Edition of One / Accepting Offers
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Showing Now at the MakersPlace VR Gallery in Cryptovoxels

Rare Designer’s new works will be showcased at the MakersPlace VR Art Gallery from now until March 31st, 2020.

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