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MakersPlace is a premier market for truly rare digital artworks — digital art where its authenticity and rarity is guaranteed by blockchain technology. As a trusted market for rare digital art, it’s vital to establish trust and transparency within the NFT space. For this reason, earlier this year we began partnering with, an established thought leader and a trusted source of transparent data within the NFT space.

We’re excited to announce that starting 3/31 we’ll be officially listed as a verified NFT on! This means that all Ethereum-based transactions will be readily viewable and reported on.

A Charity Auction for Coronavirus Relief

To celebrate our public listing, we’ll be holding a one-time auction in collaboration with four leading digital artists from MakersPlace and NonFungible. This is your chance to own an original, rare digital artwork commemorating this event.

All proceeds will be donated to the Coronavirus Relief Fund over at Global Giving. The Coronavirus (COVID-19) has had a sweeping impact globally and in most places, is only getting started, with death tolls only expected to rise with little infrastructure to support the steep rise in exposure. Both NonFungible and MakersPlace felt the importance in building awareness around the virus to help prevent its spread through diligent practices such as social distancing, hygiene and more. We also want to do our part in helping those in need during this difficult period.

Featured Artists


A Costa Rican drawer, dreamer and digital artist, Monfa’s works include graphical patterns, odd-shaped vectors and a wide-ranging color palette. His illustrations are charming and carry a mythical lore, capturing the dreams we’ve had as children and transporting us back to simpler times.

David Loblaw

An American/Canadian illustrator and fine artist. David’s style is wide-ranging from digital paintings inspired by Canada’s Group of Seven impressionism style to fantastical landscapes and creatures.

Dan Forlenza

A conceptual artist from Woodstock, New York, Dan Forlenza’s works create experiences that are intriguing, thought provoking and at times deliberately disturbing.

Mar E

A Crypto-artist from Alicante (Spain), Mar E’s works apply a trans-disciplinary approach, pushing the boundaries and openly exploring and discovering new forms of artistic expression. The resonant frequencies are his paint palette.

All four artists have created original rare digital artworks for this charity auction. But, we want to do even more.

Open Call for Artists

To push our efforts for COVID-19 relief one step further, we’re asking all digital artist interested in helping with the relief efforts, to submit original artworks, inspired by current events. Here are the steps to submit your artwork(s):

  1. Create and publish (to your MakersPlace store) one or more original artworks before 3/30 at 8pm PST.
  2. Add #covid19relief to the description of your artwork.
  3. Make it an Edition of One.
  4. Add the covid19relief tag to you artwork, after publishing.
  5. Let us know by either posting your artwork and mentioning @makersplaceco on Twitter or posting and mentioning @admins in our Discord channel with #covid19relief.
  6. Event starts 3/31 at 9am PST.

All MakersPlace platform fees will go towards the relief fund. If you wish to donate the piece entirely, the full sale amount (excluding your 5% artist royalty) will be donated to the relief fund.

Join us on Discord if you have any questions regarding how to get involved.

Learn more about Global Giving and the Coronavirus Relief Fund.

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