New Original Artworks — Weekly Drops (3/23)

We’re excited to unveil brand new artworks this week by Rare Designer, Greg Notzelman and a first-ever collaboration between Katy Arrington & Vansdesign. All works are original and exclusively created and offered through MakersPlace.

Drop Dates

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3/25 —Katy Arrington x Vansdesign
3/26 — Greg Notzelman
3/27 — Rare Designer

Katy Arrington x Vansdesign — Dropping 3/25 🔥

Katy Arrington is a digital painter based in Jakarta, Indonesia, whose works are inspired by the many forms of anime art from Kawaii, (Japanese cuteness culture) to the beautiful and strange. Her works can be described as everything from beautiful, strange, cute, creepy, joyous and twisted.

Vansdesign is an Italian designer and digital artist whose works blend many styles to generate colorful abstract artworks. Usually starting with simple shapes, he masterfully manipulates them into something abstract, 3D, or animated.

The Collaboration

This first-ever collaboration features two unique styles of digital artistry, marrying Katy Arrington’s familiar Kawaii-inspired characters and unmistakeable illustrative style with Vansdesign’s mastery of abstract colors, shapes and animations creating something both ethereal and edgy.

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The Forest by Katy Arrington x Vansdesign

A Vansdesign signature abstract coloring and texture, incorporated with Katy’s mystical entities, creating an ethereal, calming and fantastical world.

Early Preview of The Forest by Katy Arrington x Vansdesign

VR Girl by Katy Arrington x Vansdesign

A literal take on cyberpunk, the piece imagines the VR world of the future youth punk, rejecting the limitations of the “real world”.

Early Preview of VR Girl by Katy Arrington x Vansdesign

Greg Notzelman — Dropping 3/26 🔥

Greg Notzelman is an award-winning digital artist and world-class digital effects artist with over 20 years in the film industry as a digital artist. From compositing, lighting, textures, modeling and creating environments, Greg’s works have helped bring to life our wildest imaginations in blockbuster films. His work has nominated him for two Visual Effects Society awards for creating the environments in Iron Man 3 and War for the Planet of the Apes.

Spring Rain by Greg Notzelman

Spring Rain is an original piece inspired by Japanese woodblock prints of the 17th to 19th century, made famous by the works of Utagawa Hiroshige and Katsushika Hokusai. Greg begs the question, what would these classic masterpieces look like if created digitally while preserving the style? What if the works could move and come to life?

Greg sees Spring Rain as a contemporary digital exploration of the Japanese woodblock print, echoing the serenity and simplicity of this traditional Japanese style.

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Early Preview of Spring Rain by Greg Notzelman

Rare Designer — Dropping 3/27 🔥

Rare Designer (aka Marvin Mejias) is a Venezuelan digital artist and one of the earliest creators of CryptoArt, first creating for the Rare Pepe Wallet project. His works broadly include conceptual, cyberpunk and comic art, which at times touch upon meme culture, drawing from his early successes creating Pepe artworks.

Black Hole Soul by Rare Designer

Rare Designer takes us on a completely new journey with his latest original piece. Black Hole Soul shies away from his signature cyberpunk / comic style and instead explores a deeply personal concept, expressing a deeper feeling.

“I’ve felt for some time that there are black holes that sometimes suck our energies. It can be through a problem or situation. Despite being in a fairly comfortable and often beautiful place, that black hole is still there.”

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Early Preview — Black Hole Soul by RareDesigner

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