Minuteman by Valerio Volpi

We’re excited to unveil a brand new, original artwork by Valerio Volpi, offered exclusively through MakersPlace.

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Valerio Volpi

Valerio Volpi is a 3D digital artist from Los Angeles, California and currently residing in Munich, Germany. His artistic journey began at a young age, with dreams of creating comics to later studying at the Academy of Fine Arts in Rome, Italy. From there he worked under two of the greatest makeup effect artists, Vittorio Sodano and Luigi Rocchetti, sculpting the prosthetics and monsters which are rendered and animated on screen. His most notable works were featured in the films Apocalypto and Shutter Island, with Apocalypto being nominated for an Oscar for Best Makeup.

His background and years in makeup effects shines through in his latest endeavor as a digital 3D artist. His works are unmistakeable, with a maniacal focus on capturing anatomical details in his renderings. He says “While many artists tell stories using colors, architecture or lighting, I use anatomy and flesh to tell my stories”. Valerio’s works on MakersPlace does just that, taking familiar characters and layering a new dimension, giving each character a new veil, and a story that makes you ask “what if”?

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MinuteMan by Valerio Volpi

The newest piece by Valerio originates from his very core, telling a story of time and the inevitability of life. A visual representation of the creeping monster that looms in the shadows, the creature that keeps our priorities and state of reality in check.

Minuteman by Valerio Volpi

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Editions: One
The inspiration for this piece is the inevitability of growing old. There’s a time in everybody’s life where we all realize that we will not live forever, that we should take care of ourselves, that we should care about our legacy. This piece represents a personal realization of time passing. The monster that will follow me until I die.

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Brice’s new works will be showcased in the MakersPlace VR Art Gallery from now until March 25th, 2020.

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