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We’re excited to unveil brand new artworks by Brice Duncan, offered exclusively through MakersPlace.

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Brice Duncan

Brice Duncan is a fine artist turned digital artist from Owasso, Oklahoma. His art is inspired by Kandinsky, Mondrian, Pollock and Monet, which is evident in the vast body of digital works showcased through his MakersPlace gallery. Brice’s works possess incredible breadth from his love for double exposure art, color pop, abstract paintings and works that blend photography, geometry with abstraction, pulses and beats.

His works do however have a common theme, in that they visually tell a story with a strong musical element, giving each piece a unique, fresh and up-beat feel.

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Transformers by Brice Duncan

The newest piece by Brice showcases his unique style, incorporating many of his inspirations while telling a story of transformation. The piece represents human beings at their finest, by capturing the many forms and shapes that we take on, from the literal to abstract, only to be interpreted by the viewer.

Only a Preview (Click image to view full artwork)

Pricing: Only accepting offers
Editions: One
We are all transformers. Certain transformers change art. Music. Themselves. Transformers exist everywhere around us including within.

Be transformed. Find the transformers.

Special Offering:
The buyer of this piece will receive two additional, unique still versions of Transformers.

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Showing Now at the MakersPlace VR Gallery in Cryptovoxels

Brice’s new works will be showcased in the MakersPlace VR Art Gallery from now until March 25th, 2020.

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