Launching our Doom District Art Gallery!

Today, we’re announcing the opening of our newest VR art gallery, in the heart of the Doom District in Cryptovoxels.

But wait a minute, didn’t MakersPlace just launch an amazing new VR art gallery a few weeks ago? We previously wrote about our excitement for digital spaces like Cryptovoxels in helping artists and collectors connect more intimately with their digital artworks, in a digitally native environment. This is another big step in enabling this.

Regularly Featuring Artists and Collectors

Our Doom District Gallery will be more conducive to discovery, allowing for more artists and artworks to be featured on a regular basis. We aim to highlight trending artists and artworks as well as the collectors from our community in an open and inviting environment. If you’re ever looking for that quick digital art fix but need inspiration, stop by and take a look around!

F A N ₿ O I S by Robness ロブネス Cyberpop, Owned by Picotech

Artist Spotlights

The gallery will also regularly feature artists from the community along with brand new works from their collection. If you’re an artists and wish to showcase a new collection of works, let us know on Discord!

Gert-Jan Akerboom

With the launch of our gallery, we’re featuring two long-time artists within the MakersPlace community, who are introducing brand new works, available exclusively on MakersPlace.

Vent by Gert-Jan Akerboom

Vent is the newest work in his signature line of pixel art loops and in his Snow Globes series.

See all artworks >>

Vent by Gert-Jan Akerboom

Breaking the box by Mar E

The latest motion piece by Mar E is inspired by Voxcel and their way of creating a three-dimensional image.

See all artworks >>

Breaking the box by Mar E

Check out Mar e, Gert-Jan and many other artists at the Doom District Gallery — open now!

Check out the Gallery Now >>

Special thank you to Whaleshark for allowing us to use this enormous space to showcase the immense creativity happening within rare digital art.

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