🔥 Drop Recap — 2/5/2020

Photo by Mohan Murugesan

Two weeks ago we officially opened our first VR art gallery in Cryptovoxels, dropping exclusive artworks by Brad Damico, Franco Verrascina and Robness Cyberpop.

The launch of our gallery was a big step forward in providing a platform to regularly feature never-before-seen artworks by the world’s leading rare digital artists. We’re also excited to be featuring these artworks in a community like Cryptovoxels, where the digital artworks are experienced, collected and showcased in a truly personal and digitally-native space.

As we wind down the current showcase, here’s an overview of the artworks that we featured over the last two weeks.

3 Exclusive Artworks by 3 Leading Digital Artists

The goal of our drops is simple. Showcase never-before-seen artworks by leading artists, and with the help of the MakersPlace team and community, connect the artists with new collectors, and build a long-term following. We’re excited to announce that our first featured showcase was a success, with all artworks selling out within 48 hours!

Feature #1

2001 OI02 by Brad Damico

Edition of One
SOLD to Snacktivation for $80, outbidding Yash.

2001 OI02 by Brad Damico

Feature #2

F A N ₿ O I S by Robness ロブネス Cyberpop

Edition of One
SOLD to Picotech for $450, outbidding El Si.

F A N ₿ O I S by Robness ロブネス Cyberpop

Robness quickly released a follow-up piece, titled K░I░N░D░Λ, which was immediately picked up by none other than El Si!

K░I░N░D░Λ by Robness ロブネス Cyberpop

Feature #3

Void Princess — 2020 by Franco Verrascina

Edition of One
SOLD to Whaleshark for $650, outbidding Basileus.eth.

Void Princess — 2020 by Franco Verrascina

The auction for Void Princess was epic to say the least, which included a heated battle between three collectors, quickly pushing the auction up to the winning bid of $650 by Whaleshark. Amidst the excitement, Franco released two new pieces in his Getting Through series, which were immediately picked up by Whaleshark.

No me olvido — 2018 by Franco Verrascina, Acquired by Whaleshark for $1,300.
https://makersplace.com/frenetikvoid/desgarro-2018-1-of-1-17011/Desgarro — 2018 by Franco Verrascina, Acquired by Whaleshark for $1,150.

Congratulations to Brad, Robness and Franco for showcasing their amazing works, and thank you to all the new and existing collectors for partaking in the auctions!

Stay tuned for more exciting drops, coming soon…

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