MakersPlace goes Virtual…Reality

MakersPlace is a marketplace and community to discover and collect rare digital art — digital artworks where its authenticity, rarity and proof of ownership is guaranteed by blockchain technology. Today, we’re home to hundreds of digital art collectors who are collecting to support the arts, to curate and showoff, to make an investment, and more.

However, the thing we hear time and again from collectors is the need to bring their art into their personal space — not surprising. Any collector of art or any physical collectibles for that matter, expects to showcase it in their home and other personal spaces, forming that necessary bond between them and the artwork. A crucial factor in collecting digital art.

Limitless Creativity

A few months ago, a few artists within our community mentioned a neat VR world called Cryptovoxels that ran completely within a web browser and is home to many of our creators and their rare digital artworks. We decided to take a closer look and were immediately enthralled by the sheer creativity within this world. It was a haven for creatives, which immediately resonated with our mission at MakersPlace.

Rose Nexus in the Gangnam District of Cryptovoxels (Created by Alotta Money)

The idea is extremely novel. Every object within this world is truly ownable and governed by the decentralized tenets of blockchain technology. This means that everything from the very land you build upon, the buildings that you create, to the art that you display is yours to own much like in the real world. Nothing can be taken away from your or undermined by a central authority, much akin to the rare digital artworks that we sell through MakersPlace. It was clear that a virtual world like this would help satisfy that need for collectors to bring their collections into a personal space and we’ve seen growing excitement over the last months.

Announcing our first Online VR Gallery

Amidst this excitement, we needed to engage with this burgeoning community. One community that stood out was the Neon Zone in the Gangnam District. Not only were many of our artists and collectors calling this district their home, but the creative vibe was off the charts — so we decided to make this our first home.

Today we’re extremely excited to announce the opening of our very first Art Gallery in Cryptovoxels.

MakersPlace VR Art Gallery — Cryptovoxels (Created by Alotta Money)

Through our gallery, we aim to showcase the immense artistic talent within the MakersPlace community. Most importantly, we’re excited that for the first time, artists within our community will have the opportunity to showcase their digital artworks in a digitally-native environment. An environment that their digital works were originally created for!

The gallery houses three levels to regularly showcase featured artists, as well as a dedicated atrium which we’ll be using to showcase the newest artists and artworks which we’ll be dropping on a regular basis, so check back often or follow us on Twitter!

We’re excited about this new community and the fun environment that it enables for both collectors and artists. We have many more exciting updates to share in the coming weeks as we’ve been diving deeper into the Cryptovoxels rabbit hole, so stay tuned!

Check out the Gallery Now >>

Special thank you to Conlan for welcoming us into the Neon Zone community and Alotta Money, the architect and creator of the MakersPlace Gallery. In the spirit of attribution, we’ve tokenized our gallery as a rare digital artwork, signed and issued by Alotta Money himself.

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