MakersPlace becomes more Open!

Photo by Hilthart Pedersen

MakersPlace is a platform and community to discover and collect unique and authentic digital creations, by the world’s leading digital artists. Today we feature over 10K+ unique artworks that are available to purchase and collect.

One of our core principles at MakersPlace has always been to embrace a model of openness and interoperability for the digital artworks offered through MakersPlace. What that means is that every artwork created on MakersPlace isn’t restricted to our platform and can immediately be experienced, purchased and exchanged on any public platform outside of MakersPlace. This runs counter to the familiar models enforced by traditional art institutions, where being closed and opaque is the norm. We believe embracing openness is especially important in the digital world since it enables increased visibility, use cases, and liquidity for the digital artwork, increasing its overall value.

One of our closest partners from the very beginning in supporting this model has been OpenSea, the largest marketplace for blockchain-based digital collectibles. Every artwork created through MakersPlace is immediately available to the OpenSea community to bid, trade, or purchase, and for the next few weeks, OpenSea will be featuring the digital artworks available and curated through MakersPlace.

An Especially Rare Digital Art Auction!

To celebrate our partnership with OpenSea, we’re auctioning 21 limited edition digital artworks available through the OpenSea community for the next week.

Head on over to OpenSea to browse and bid on these rare digital artworks offered by the following leading and award-winning artists.

Norma Xelda Jara, Brice Duncan, Forlenza Art, Barbara Bezina, Nicolas Leslie, Jody Vaughn Lawrence, Luis Buenaventura, Joe Chiappetta, Mike Butler, Gala Mirissa, Reinhard Schmid, Gert-Jan Akerboom, David Loblaw, Robness ロブネス Cyberpop, Bert, Ruben Jurien Cress, Original Plan, Dropbear, Sam Burton, Katalina Ooma, and NxT lVl DesignZ.

Mega Miner by Gert-jan Akerboom — Available for auction on OpenSea

We’re super excited to be working with the OpenSea team and we’re planning to work with other popular platforms in the coming months, becoming even more open, stay tuned!

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