A Rare Digital Art Feast for All

Rare Digital Art Feast — San Francisco, 2019 (photo by Ngoc Nguyen)

What do you get when you combine great food and rare digital food art? On the 20th of June, MakersPlace hosted a truly rare event that captured just that… a Rare Digital Art Feast for the mind and body.

At MakersPlace our mission is to enable a vibrant future for digital creativity, by empowering creatives with the ability to sell truly unique digital creations (i.e Rare Digital Art), to be collected by their fans. The event showcased one-of-a-kind, food-centric digital artworks by our community including: Joe Chiappetta, Jarid Scott, Luis Buenaventura, Risto Kutt, Floortje Visser, Alexander Van Glitch, Cosme, All in a GIF, Punk_Rock_Edit, Ruffensteint, Jonathan Pritchard, Salvatore Rapisarda, Skeenee, Passione43 and Maximillian Piras.

Digital Art in its Native Form

All digital artworks were displayed on digital devices to showcase each artwork in its true form, as intended by the creator. Unlike its physical counterpart, a digital artwork incorporates digital technologies and techniques to deliver a unique and captivating experience. An experience most attendees witnessed for the first time.

Artwork by Luis Buenaventura, Risto Kutt and Jarid Scott on digital canvases. (photo by Ngoc Nguyen)
TeQuila by Risto Kutt on a digital canvas. (photo by Ngoc Nguyen)
Cheesecake! by Floortje Visser. (photo by Ngoc Nguyen)
Money has Mutated by Joe Chiappetta. (photo by Ngoc Nguyen)
So Ramen-tic by Jarid Scott on a digital canvas. (photo by Ngoc Nguyen)
Dead-end Job by Skeenee, on a digital canvas. (photo by Ngoc Nguyen)
On everything by Cosme, on a digital canvas. (photo by Ngoc Nguyen)

Industry-leading Thoughts on Rare Digital Art

The event also featured Joe Chiappetta, a pioneer in the rare digital art movement, who has created and sold rare digital artworks on a multitude of platforms since 2015. He’s also a prolific writer on the topic of blockchain and art. Joe shared his unique insights and excitement for this new art movement.

Rare Digital Art…it’s cryptocurrency with a pretty face. — Joe Chiappetta

Joe Chiappetta — Innovative Opportunities for Collecting Art on the Blockchain. (photo by Ngoc Nguyen)

The talk was followed by a deeper discussion on the present and future of rare digital art, alongside three industry veterans including Matt Condon of DigitallyRare, Christina Steinbrecher-Pfandt of Blockchain.Art and Dannie Chu of MakersPlace.

The Showcase

Finally, to end the evening we showcased three artworks that were auctioned live and purchased by first-time collectors of rare digital art. Congratulations to the new proud owners of the following artworks.

Toxic Bitcoin Pizza by Luis Buenaventura (Edition 1/1)

Toxic Bitcoin Pizza by Luis Buenaventura (photo by Ngoc Nguyen)

SWEET EATS by Jarid Scott (Edition 1/1)

SWEET EATS by Jarid Scott (photo by Ngoc Nguyen)

Digital Art Ownership Visualization by Joe Chiappetta (Edition 1/3)

Joe Chiappetta with a proud collector of his rare digital artwork. (photo by Ngoc Nguyen)

The Rare Digital Art movement!

The level of intrigue and excitement in the room was infectious and we’re super excited to be at the forefront of this new movement towards a brighter future for digital artists and digital creativity. We’ll steal a line from Joe Chiappetta when we say that we’re entering a new era that may one-day be called “blockchain-ism”. Whether you’re a creator or an interested collector in the space, this is the time to make your mark on this movement and be a part of history in the making.

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