Announcing our $2M Seed Financing to Unlock the Future of Digital Creativity

It’s been an exciting year here at MakersPlace. Since launching the first version of MakersPlace back in July 2018, to announcing our easy-to-use blockchain platform for digital creators, the team has been working hard on our mission to enable a vibrant future for digital creativity.

Why is this Important?

We live in an increasingly digital world and we’re spending more time than ever online. Yet, the very people who create the digital creations that we consume and enjoy still struggle to make money from their work. Creators struggle to protect the use of their work online, and the digital works they do create have a low perceived value (I’ve written more about this topic previously). So where does this leave the future for digital creativity?

At MakersPlace we’re solving this by empowering the world’s digital creators with the necessary tools to better protect and ultimately capture the full value of their digital work. We’re excited to say that we’ve been able to help thousands of digital creators to date — and we’re only getting started!

The Path Ahead

Today we’re announcing a key milestone for the company and our mission. We’re happy to announce that we’ve raised $2 million in seed financing from top-tier investors who are equally passionate about our ambitious mission. The funding was led by Uncork Capital with participation from Draper Dragon Fund, Abstract Ventures, and a number of high-profile angel investors and early leaders from companies like: Pinterest, Facebook and Coinbase. This team brings years of experience building, launching and supporting world-changing platforms in both the consumer and blockchain ecosystem, and we couldn’t be more happier to gain their support and validation for our mission.

Collect Unique Digital Artwork

Along with our fundraise, we’re also announcing the public launch of our new open marketplace to discover and collect unique and authentic digital creations, by the world’s leading artists and creators. From digital illustrations, animations, photography and more, for the first time you can collect, share and invest in a unique digital creation, as you would a physical artwork or any other collectible today. Start Collecting!

MakersPlace — discover and collect truly unique digital creations.

We’re Hiring!

Our team was founded by world-class engineering leaders and successful entrepreneurs. Our founding team includes Yash Nelapati (first engineer at Pinterest), Dannie Chu (former head of growth engineering at Pinterest), and Ryoma Ito (former VP Product / Marketing at multiple venture-backed startups).

If you’re passionate about our mission and would like to get involved, check out our current job listings or reach us directly at

Join Us!

Getting in Touch

If you’re a digital creator, you can learn more about MakersPlace here.

If you think there’s an opportunity to collaborate, we’d also love to hear from you. You can reach us at or on our Discord channel.

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