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There is an immense amount to be learned simply by tinkering with things. — Henry Ford

We have an ambitious mission at MakersPlace to create a sustainable future for the world’s digital creators, from artists, photographers, musicians and more. To do that we’re using blockchain technology to change how the world values a digital creation, enabling creators to capture the full value of their work. Learn more here.

One of our core values at MakersPlace is to Be a Maker. Makers push the boundaries and build what doesn’t exist. When faced with a problem, Makers make what may seem like the impossible, possible. This is a necessary ingredient to spawn innovation which, in turn, is necessary to realize a bold and ambitious mission.

If all of this resonates with you, we’d love to hear from you and partner together on our amazing journey.

Join us!

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Flex your Maker muscle

We’d love it if you could show off your maker muscle by tinkering and building something cool for us.

Find Big “CryptoKitty” Momma

This should be fun exercise that will help you learn some basic blockchain concepts if you are new to them.

CryptoKitties is a blockchain-based game developed by Axiom Zen that allows players to purchase, collect, breed and sell various types of digital kitties. Your objective is to build a program that takes a startingBlock and endingBlock as arguments and counts the total number of births that happened during that range. Finally, use that information to find the Kitty (birth timestamp, generation and their genes) that gave birth to the most kitties.

Email us at with the answer using startingBlock=6607985 and endingBlock=7028323, along with the source code and we promise to respond immediately!


  1. You will need a copy of the Ethereum blockchain.
  2. Setting up an Ethereum node and geth can be tedious, so feel free to use Infura an Ethereum blockchain service.
  3. You will run into few challenges with Infura when asking for a huge dataset, so get creative!
  4. Here is the CryptoKitties contract address and their code. The ABI’s and API’s are available in that link.

Helpful Articles

Here are a few articles to help you understand some Ethereum concepts:


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