Send a Gift — to your Fans and Collectors

photo by Leone Venter

One of the most asked-for features on MakersPlace has been the ability to gift your unique digital creations to your fans and collectors. Whether it be to thank someone for supporting your work over the years or a way to simply get your work in front of would-be collectors, gifting is a great way to connect with your audience and gain more exposure for your work.

Just in time for the holidays, today we’re excited to introduce the ability to Send a Gift, which is immediately available to all creators on MakersPlace. Just log into your store manager and you should see the new option in your menu.

Send a Gift — to your fans and collectors

Sending a gift is very easy. Once you select the creation you wish to send, you can send it to the recipient in one of two ways.

1. Send to a Digital Wallet

If you know the wallet address of the recipient, you can send your creation directly to their wallet address and it will show up in their digital wallet. If you provide an email address and a message, we’ll even e-mail your message to the recipient once your creation has successfully been sent.

Send a gift to any Ethereum digital wallet address

2. Send to any Email Address

But what if you don’t know what the recipient’s digital wallet address is or maybe they’re completely new to the blockchain? Simple, you can send your creation to any email address instead and we’ll take care of the rest! Again, you can attach a message that we’ll send along with your gift.

Send a gift to any email address

With MakersPlace, sending your blockchain-based digital creations is as easy as sending an email — try sending a gift today!

We love hearing feedback from our community and we’ll even introduce new features based on the feedback. Share your feedback with us on Discord. We’ve already heard a few more interesting ideas to make gifting even better, stay tuned!

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